Is the Apple Watch Series 5 Any Good?

Apple Watch Series 5 Review - Is It Any Good? Credit: Rex Chamberlain
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If you’ve followed the Apple Watch Series 5 at all, you know that the most significant new feature this year is the always-on display (AOD). But does that make the Series 5 worth upgrading to? We’ll discuss that and more below.

Always-on Display

The Series 5 is what many of us hoped the Apple Watch would’ve been from the beginning, and with the AOD, I believe it can finally qualify as a real watch. No longer do you have to do the infamous wrist twist to see the time.

The always-on display is an enhancement that I just couldn’t have known how much I would love until I got the Series 5 on my wrist. And day-to-day, it’s a game-changer. 

I love being able to glance down while my hands are on a keyboard, or while working out, or while I’m doing literally anything else, and being able to see the time (or app) without ever rotating my wrist.

All Day Battery Life

Now my second favorite feature is actually the battery life. Worries began immediately that the new always-on display would kill the battery life. And so far for me, using the 44-millimeter size, I haven’t had any issues with the battery life – and it’s lived up to the “all day” hype.

Sure, it’s probably not as good as the Series 4 was, but I’ll take the trade-off of an hour or so of battery life for that always-on display, although some people have had trouble with battery life on 40-millimeter models.

Now I think Apple has fixed this in some of the latest updates for the iPhone and the Apple Watch, but that’s still something to keep in mind if you’re looking at buying the 40-millimeter watch. But overall, my experience has been great.

Durable Titanium

Next, I want to talk about the new finishes. I’m a sucker every year for Apple’s new watch finishes. This year, titanium is the new finish, and in my personal opinion, it is the best-looking watch.

Now what’s great about the Apple Watch is that everybody has different opinions based on what they like. But I think the titanium look is very clean, and it feels more premium than the aluminum models.

But what’s important to me is having the extra durability. That’s why I went with titanium this year. I wore the stainless steel model last year, and there was not a single scratch on it. And the Sapphire screen is tough compared to the material used on the aluminum model.

The extra durability is definitely beneficial.

The Compass

Now the next big feature that Apple added this year is a compass. And unless you’re into hiking, you may think that you’ll never use the compass. However, where I’ve already noticed a big difference with the Series 5 is getting directions.

Apple utilizes the compass in the Maps app to help you get a more precise location when you’re trying to get somewhere. That’s true, especially when you’re indoors, and the GPS signal may not be as good – Apple can use the compass’ data to point you in the right direction.

If you use the Apple Watch for walking or driving directions, the compass really is a significant feature.

Emergency Services, Anywhere

And the last new feature I wanted to talk about is the new wireless bands that are included in the Apple Watch Series 5. What’s incredible is that Apple has added enough wireless bands to support emergency calling in many, many different countries.

If you fall and get hurt, even if you’re traveling abroad, you can still have the Apple Watch dial emergency services, even if you’re not subscribed to a cellular plan. That’s fantastic.


So is the Apple Watch Series 5 any good? In my experience, it’s incredible. Anyone who is wearing an Apple Watch Series 3 (or older) will be blown away by the upgrades in Apple’s newest watch, and in those cases, it’s certainly worth the upgrade.

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