Thinking About Upgrading to Apple’s Latest MacBook Pro? Here’s Why You Might Want to Hold off (for Now)

Thinking About Upgrading to Apple’s Latest MacBook Pro? Here’s Why You Might Want to Hold off (for Now)
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Those all-new, OLED Touch Bar-equipped MacBook Pros — and even the new 13-incher, sans the Touch Bar — are pretty enticing, right? Well, of course they are; and with Christmas right around the bend, perhaps you’re giddy with excitement over the prospect of getting your hands on one. However, not to rain on your hopes and dreams, folks, but well-connected and historically accurate KGI Securities analyst, Ming Chi Kuo, is now sounding the alarm, loud and clear that, well, you might just want to hold off for another year or so before upgrading.

In a recent note to investors, Kuo noted how Apple will more than likely be dropping the price of its 2016 MacBook Pro line when the machines are refreshed with updated internals — a forthcoming 2nd generation MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, which is likely to be released by the fall of 2017.

Kuo noted how Apple has a tendency of puffing up the prices on its brand-new MacBooks, prior to dropping said price — in some instances, by hundreds of dollars — when the machines are refreshed with upgraded components a year later. The famed Apple analyst also pointed out how both USB-C compatible accessories and peripherals, as well as the functionality and usefulness of Apple’s new OLED Touch Bar, will have vastly matured by that time — laying out quite the compelling case for users to perhaps hold on to their socks, and current MacBooks, for just a little bit longer.

Many potential customers, myself included, who were hoping to pick up one of Apple’s new MacBook Pros were deterred because of the machine’s considerably higher price tag — especially in comparison to last year’s models — which in turn has lead Apple to vigorously defend itself amidst an onslaught of scrutiny.

As far as the internal components of next year’s MacBook Pro refresh are pertinent, Kuo suggested that Apple will likely employ Intel’s forthcoming Cannonlake CPUs — which, according to Intel, will not only save 15-25% more power, but directly because of that, will give Apple the internal wiggle room to squeeze in up to 32 GB of RAM. The current MacBook Pro, which was just released last Wednesday, maxes out at 16 GB, in comparison.

If for whatever reason Intel’s Cannonlake CPUs are delayed, however, Kuo noted that Apple would likely use the Santa Clara, California-based chip-maker’s Coffee Lake CPU, which unfortunately will only be compatible with a maximum of 16 GB RAM — despite being inherently more powerful, of course.

Are you going to hold off on picking up one of Apple’s new MacBook Pros until next year?
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[The information provided in this article has NOT been confirmed by Apple and may be speculation. Provided details may not be factual. Take all rumors, tech or otherwise, with a grain of salt.]

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