The Top 5 iPhone 7 Concepts

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Always looking forward to the future, Apple fans are undeniably eager for the next generation of iPhones. Internet speculation suggests that Apple will skip the iPhone 6S namesake. This rumor has surfaced due to the perception that the S line of iPhones are merely a “minor upgrade” rather than a completely new device. If Apple does decide to skip the 6S, and go straight to the iPhone 7, there could be some radically new features or possibly a major redesign in effort to create a device dramatically different than its predecessor.

While we can imagine what the iPhone 7 might look like, some creative individuals are taking their ideas a step further to create digital renders known as concepts. Although some concepts are much more conceivable than others, we can all agree that it’s entertaining to see what the future could possibly hold.

Listed below are the top five iPhone 7 concepts.

iPhone 7 Concept with Digital Crown by Antonio De Rosa

This iPhone 7 concept features the digital crown from the Apple Watch, but includes improved features like integrated Touch ID. The digital crown also acts as the home button eliminating the traditional home button located the face of the iPhone 6. In place of the traditional home button, we find three sensors that effectively capture gestures for maximum efficiency.

iPhone 7 Edition Concept with Enhanced Volume Controls by Grisha Serov

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The iPhone 7 Edition concept is rocking what seems to be iOS 6. Despite what it lacks in the firmware department, it makes up for in aesthetics. Not only is this concept wrapped in gorgeous stainless steel, it also features a multifunction home/wake/Touch ID button and an enhanced all-in-one volume control.

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iPhone 7 Concept with Wireless Charging by Yasser Farahi

This iPhone 7 concept includes expected features such as an enhanced camera and 4K video support. This particular concept includes other major improvements that we would like to see in the iPhone 7 such as stereo audio and wireless charging.

iPhone 7 with Secondary Display by Riho Kroll

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Kroll has changed the iPhone’s design radically in this iPhone 7 concept. This particular concept takes us back in time, looking much like the iPod Nano. It features a secondary display above the earpiece. The smaller, more efficient, secondary screen shows us information we check regularly, such as remaining battery life and cell signal, without drastically draining the battery. The touch sensitive sides will offer a new way of interacting with your device, allowing the iPhone to recognize when you hold it a certain way or when you simply pick the device up. The touch sensitive sides could offer notification information or a host of other options without the need to ever press the wake button.

iPhone 7 Concept with Dual-View Display by ConceptsiPhone

The most futuristic iPhone 7 concept, and least plausible one, features a completely different design idea. This concept includes a dual-view touchscreen display inserted in-between two pieces of glass, one on the front and one in the back. This innovative design idea eliminates the need for a front facing camera, allowing you to simply turn the phone around to use the “rear” camera with flash.

These iPhone 7 concepts might resemble what will be unveiled later this year. While we won’t officially know what the iPhone 7 will look like until it is released, we can predict some of the features it might incorporate. We do know that Apple won a patent for a new facial-recognition security mechanism which could allow us to unlock the iPhone 7 with just a selfie. We also know Apple recently acquired LinX, a miniature camera module manufacturer with 3D and DSLR –like capabilities. Inclusion of LinX camera modules would mean higher quality photos, with depth, taken with an iPhone 7.

If Apple does plan to release a full-blown iPhone 7 vs. a “slightly upgraded” iPhone 6S, we could see any combination of new features in an assumingly even thinner and lighter device.

[The information provided in this article has NOT been confirmed by Apple and may be speculation. Provided details may not be factual. Take all rumors, tech or otherwise, with a grain of salt.]

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