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WWDC came and went without a hint at any new Apple TV products or updates (to everyone’s utter disappointment). While there were whispers on the internet that the WWDC would be the prime time to announce a new Apple TV with a streaming TV service, Apple did not deliver but instead announced the new iOS 9, new Mac OS El Capitan, and the “one more thing” that was Apple Music. But the Apple TV announcement did not come.

However, this was predicted even before the WWDC keynote kicked off, due to the fact that the new Apple TV was not yet good to go. MacRumors received a quote from The New York Times’ Brian X. Chen stating that even though Apple has been working tirelessly on an Apple TV revamp and planned to make an announcement at this year’s WWDC, “those plans were postponed partly because the product was not ready for prime time.”

Still, that hasn’t stopped anyone from anticipating the launch of a new and redesigned Apple TV sometime this year. There’s talk of better storage, a faster processor, and more. Thus far, here are some of the more popular rumors surrounding Apple TV:

Apple TV Will Have an App Store


A recent rumor, this speculation came to light after a look at Apple’s latest developer tools for third-party app builders. The company rolled out new developer tools last week, and with it came a 100 slot limit for Apple TV, making up a fifth of the total limit for registered test devices. Many people have presumed that this inclusion means that Apple will start including apps with the newest Apple TV upgrades, and therefore a dedicated Apple TV app store.

Apple TV May See Gaming

Only very recently did a developer stumble upon a clue that might mean that Apple TV will support gaming. Steven Troughton-Smith, a developer known for his careful attention to beta versions of iOS, noticed that the latest installment of iOS 9 features two application development frameworks: UIKit and GameKit. Both of these are currently being used on both iPhones and iPads for user interface controls and multiplayer gaming, which hints at future gameplay on Apple TV as well.

Apple TV Will Get a New Remote

Apple TV concept courtesy of

Apple TV concept courtesy of

The Apple TV remote is simple and easy-to-use, however lacks some features that would vastly enhance the user’s experience. With minimal buttons and a D-pad for control, the Apple TV remote needs a serious re-do to keep up with the times.

Unnamed sources said that Apple TV’s new remote will be a touchpad with gesture-based controls that will help users navigate through Apple TV. The New York Times reported in early May that the new Apple TV remote would feature two buttons (likely for “Home” and “Play/Pause”) in addition to the touch screen for scrolling and other navigation features. Sources say that it will be relatively the same size as the current remote control for Amazon’s wireless speaker, the Echo.

Apple TV Will Offer a Streaming Service


Even though it has yet to come to fruition, there are still hopes that Apple will be offering a cohesive online streaming television service similar to Sling TV. Bundled with a number of cable TV channels for a low cost (estimated around $30-$40 a month). Tom’s Guide notes that it might take a while for this service to be announced, considering that Apple will need to hash out things like technology, cost, and licensing deals with all the broadcasters.

All in all, even though Apple didn’t deliver us a new Apple TV at the WWDC, consumers and fans alike have their hopes up that it will debut sometime during 2015. Sign up for the iDrop News™ newsletter to receive all the freshest Apple TV rumors and news.




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