The ‘iPhone SE 4’ Could Be a Small But Significant Leap Forward

iPhone SE 4 Concept Credit: Concept Central
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It’s been a while since we’ve heard much about Apple’s plans for its wallet-friendly iPhone SE, but now a new leaker has come forward with what appears to be a complete list of specs for the next version of Apple’s most affordable iPhone.

Although most of the reports we’ve seen suggest that the so-called “iPhone SE 4” isn’t coming until early 2025, the number of leaks and rumors that have been making the rounds over the past few weeks suggests that it might be closer than we thought.

After all, Apple has reportedly been lining up suppliers since last summer, which seems a bit early for a device that would have still been 18 months away from going into mass production — especially since the iPhone SE 4 won’t exactly be leading the way in new technologies. All the components going into Apple’s entry-level iPhone will have been used in other iPhones, meaning they need only relatively minor specification changes to reduce costs.

However, the counterpoint is that we’ve been hearing a lot of mixed information about what the new iPhone SE will look like. Last fall, the consensus was that it would resemble the base iPhone 14 modelright down to the battery inside, but in February, another leaker weighed in to say that Apple would adopt the as-yet-unreleased iPhone 16 design instead, including the Dynamic Island.

That notion was dispelled in March when 91mobiles shared purported CAD renders of the new iPhone SE with an appearance that looked very similar to the iPhone 14, notch and all. Now, a relatively unknown leaker, at least in Apple terms, has posted what appears to be a full list of specs for the upcoming iPhone SE, confirming its design while filling in a few more details.

In a post on X, leaker Nguyen Phi Hung describes a device that could be mistaken for an iPhone 13 from the front, although the single camera on the back would be a dead giveaway, where it’s said to look more like an iPhone XR.

While Nguyen Phi Hung describes it as looking like an iPhone 13, that doesn’t necessarily contradict the renders or other rumors that have said it will follow the iPhone 14. Even a seasoned expert would have a hard time distinguishing an iPhone 13 from an iPhone 14 at first glance, especially from the front. The iPhone 14 is a bit thicker, and there are some very subtle changes around the notch, but it’s unlikely anybody is looking that closely.

The dimensions described in this leak don’t match either of the older iPhone models anyway, with Hung reporting it as being about 2 millimeters taller at 148.5mm versus the 146.7mm height that’s common to both the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14. Notably, the rumored thickness of 7.8mm does match the iPhone 14. The 166-gram weight would be slightly lighter than either of those earlier iPhones, a difference that may be accounted for by the lesser camera system.

Most of the other specs that Hung lists aren’t particularly surprising. The iPhone SE is said to adopt the A16 Bionic chip currently used in the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus, as well as the USB-C connector that’s now the law in Europe.

It will also gain features that are standard to other modern iPhone models, including Face ID and MagSafe charging. The Face ID prediction aligns with most other rumors we’ve heard over the past year or so, and while we haven’t heard much about MagSafe, it makes sense, although Hung only lists 12W wireless charging speeds, which seems a bit odd.

Hung also references “AI photography,” but that could simply be part of Apple’s standard computational photography kit, which has been the norm since the iPhone XR adopted Portrait Mode shots on its single-lens system. With an A16 chip, it will likely also be able to take advantage of new AI features in iOS 18, but it’s unlikely it will get anything special or unique in that area.

When the iPhone SE 4 is coming remains an open question, but it’s possible that the new model has managed to fly under the radar. After all, Apple is still mass-producing the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14, so if the iPhone SE looks anything like either of those, it would more easily go unnoticed. Apple released the last two models with relatively little fanfare, so there’s no reason to believe the iPhone SE 4 will be breaking news, and while it typically comes in the spring, Apple is under no obligation to stick to that schedule.

[The information provided in this article has NOT been confirmed by Apple and may be speculation. Provided details may not be factual. Take all rumors, tech or otherwise, with a grain of salt.]

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