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The Apple Car: Apple’s Most Secretive Project

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The internet has been going wild for months now speculating about Apple’s secret car project. Some people believe Apple is just ramping up development of their CarPlay technology, but most people believe Apple is working on an actual car. We even have reason to believe the Apple Car might look a lot like a Fiat. Some undeniably solid evidence has arisen on the web verifying some accuracy of an actual Apple Car project. Some might call it proof.

The story begins with A123, a battery company that is in the process settling a lawsuit against Apple. Allegations against Apple say that they unfairly and illegally stole A123 employees in their effort to build a large battery unit. Some of A123’s most important leaders abandoned the company to transition over to Apple’s headquarters. Apple denies all claims of poaching.

Details of the court case have been uncovered bringing to light one of Apple’s most secretive projects. One of the most important people Apple allegedly stole from A123 is Mujeeb Ijaz, the company’s Chief Technology Officer. Ijaz was responsible for producing batteries for Formula 1 race cars with unbelievable power-density. According to Business Insider, Ijaz was making $3.5 million dollars a year at A123. Apple must’ve offered Ijaz a hefty pay raise to make the leap between companies.

While there is no specific evidence that Apple is working on a car battery, it is interesting that they would hire the one man who has been considered an expert on electric car batteries for the past two decades.

A123 is obviously upset with their sudden loss of employees critical to their business. A123’s lawyers contend:

“Upon information and belief, Apple is currently developing a large scale battery division to compete in the very same field as A123. In connection with that development, beginning in or around June of 2014, defendant Apple embarked on an aggressive campaign to poach employees of A123 and to otherwise raid A123’s business…all of the Individual Defendants are working in a field of battery science, technology, and/or products that is substantially similar if not identical to the field they worked on in at A123.”

A123’s lawyers continue to allege that Apple stole employees from direct competitors like Samsung and LG. These employees are also geniuses in the lithium-battery field.

Other reports from Apple Insider state that an Apple garage has been uncovered just minutes from Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino. It has been reported that Apple employees have a large presence at the location and that numerous automotive related renovations including an “auto work area” and a “repair garage” have been developed.

Apple Insider goes on to reveal even more insight into Apple’s secrets. Not far away from Apple’s headquarters, in a complex with office spaces continuously rented by Apple, we find office “175.” Office 175 includes a 4,239 square foot repair garage. The office has been off the market for months and advertised to be home to SixtyEight research. SixtyEight Research is self-proclaimed to be redefining market research, however they have almost zero online presence. Due to SixtyEight Research’s vague identity, it is believed that SixtyEight is a fictional company designed to cover up Apple’s presence at the repair garage.


Apple Insider goes on to reveal even more interesting information. Allegedly, the company known as SixtyEight LLC paid to import a rare 1957 Fiat Multipla 600 from the United Kingdom all the way to California. Apple’s head of design, Jonathan Ive, is allegedly a huge fan of Fiat and this might prove a connection to the illusive company.


The most conclusive evidence to support that SixtyEight is Apple owned was a note taped to their office door, discovered by the detectives at Apple Insider. The note informs delivery drivers that SixtyEight’s lobby has been relocated to another office in a different complex. The address resides within another office leased by Apple.

All of the information we have been able to gather relating to the Apple Car has created some sort of conspiracy. SixtyEight could most definitely be a fictional shell company to keep Apple Car information under wraps. Jonathan Ive, the Fiat lover and head designer, could have simply imported the Fiat to use as his company car. Or perhaps, the Fiat Multipla 600 could serve as design inspiration for the new Apple Car. With Apple’s design choices of the past, it wouldn’t be completely far-fetched to imagine an Apple Car with similar stature of a Fiat.


From this information we can say with confidence that Apple is working on a small electric vehicle. With all of the talent Apple has controlling the project, we can also say with confidence that the Apple Car is going to be exceptional.



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