‘Tap to Wake’ Will Be an iPhone 8 Exclusive, Fast Charging Technology Coming to Entire 2017 iPhone Lineup, Rumor Suggests

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While the 2017 iPhone-related rumors have been circulating the web for a good few months now, with many pointing to the broader diversification of Apple’s flagship handset into three distinct models this year, a new report that’s coming to us this morning courtesy of famed and historically accurate serial-leaker, @SonnyDickson, may shed some light on just a few of the many treats destined for Apple’s forthcoming iPhone models.

The first of the two reports — both of which are allegedly coming straight from Dickson’s own mouth — alleges that Apple, at long last, will be incorporating a fast charging technology into its entire line of iPhones this year. While fast charging is certainly not new — having been a staple feature of several high-end Android smartphones for years now — it will nonetheless be a welcomed addition to Silicon Valley’s hottest handset. Whereas it currently takes about two to three hours to fully charge your iPhone, for example, fast charging technology will supposedly enable Apple’s entire line of 2017 iPhones to fully charge in as few as 90 minutes — give or take, depending on your model, of course.

Odd as it may seem, however, the report provides no additional details on how, or by what protocol, Apple’s fast charging technology will be implemented. And, not to mention, but ‘fast charging’ doesn’t exactly constitute the wireless charging functionality we’ve been hearing will come to Apple’s iPhone for a while now. However, we must concede: fast charging — in whatever capacity, will be a welcomed addition to the iPhone, and is sure to please the many users whose main gripe with their device is its questionable battery performance.

The second report from Dickson alleges that a ‘Tap to Wake’ feature — similar to the one employed by Samsung on some of its premium Galaxy S handsets — will be coming to iPhone this year — however, the feature will reportedly be an exclusive to Apple’s uber-premium, curved OLED-equipped iPhone 8, which has been codenamed ‘Ferrari’. The reason why ‘Tap to Wake’ will be exclusive to Apple’s high-end iPhone remains unclear. However, it’s quite possible that the superior, battery-sipping technology constituent of an OLED display — which has long been rumored to debut as a cornerstone feature of Apple’s top-tier, 2017 flagship — is in some way a prerequisite factor to make the feature work properly.

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[The information provided in this article has NOT been confirmed by Apple and may be speculation. Provided details may not be factual. Take all rumors, tech or otherwise, with a grain of salt.]

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