Samsung Preparing to Compete with Apple’s Powerful AR/VR Headset with New Hologram Technology

Samsung Credit: TK Kurikawa / Shutterstock
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The race to control the metaverse is heating up, as a new report suggests that Apple’s arch-rival Samsung is preparing its own competitor to Apple’s long-rumoured AR/VR headset.

Apple and Samsung have long dominated the opposing sides of the smartphone market, with Samsung’s Galaxy devices being the most popular Android alternatives to the iPhone, they could soon be facing off on entirely new ground, with both seeking to get an early foothold in what many believe is the next frontier of mobile computing.

According to Korea’s IT News, Samsung is working on a new AR device that will employ hologram technology, which it’s been working on for several years now through its Advanced Institute of Technology. It will use an Exynos processor and run some variant of the Android operating system.

It’s not entirely clear how Samsung intends to turn that into an AR/VR wearable just yet, but it’s possible it could be looking to leapfrog Apple, bypassing an Oculus-style headset and going right to a set of AR glasses instead.

Apple is reported to be working on similar technology, with research into sophisticated retinal hologram projectors. These would likely be used in the Apple Glasses that are expected to follow the more traditional AR/VR Headset, but in Apple’s case, that product is likely still at least a couple of years away.

Meanwhile, whatever Samsung is working on, it reportedly has a prototype ready, and now it’s just a matter of deciding on a release date.

Apple’s Headset Will Be a Powerhouse

So, it’s not entirely clear if Apple and Samsung will even be competing in the same league. If Samsung is planning to go straight to a more lightweight wearable, then it’s either thinking long-term or it’s preparing to release something that won’t be anywhere near as capable as what Apple is working on.

From everything we’ve heard thus far, Apple plans to enter the headset market with a bang; a product representing a shot that will be heard around the world.

In fact, the Korean IT News report also confirms other reports that suggest Apple is working on nothing less than a wearable powerhouse.

This includes not only Apple’s M1 silicon — likely at least an M1 Pro from everything we’ve heard so far — but also multiple micro OLED displays that will deliver resolutions of up to 8K.

It’s also going to pack in 15 camera modules, immersive 3D sensors, and high-quality optical audio, all at a fraction of the weight of any other headset out there.

While the first-generation model isn’t going to come cheap — most reports peg it at somewhere between $1,000 and $3,000 — it’s going to have more than enough tech packed into it to justify its higher asking price. This will be more of a Mac Pro than a MacBook, but it’s also a matter of Apple putting its best foot forward.

Apple and Samsung are far from the only players in this space, however. Not only does Microsoft already have its HoloLens on the market, but it’s said to be working on a set of smart glasses equipped with similar hologram technology. Then of course there’s Meta (formerly Facebook), which already dominates the VR device market through Oculus, and as its recent name change implies, is hoping to use that edge to create the metaverse in its own image.

[The information provided in this article has NOT been confirmed by Apple and may be speculation. Provided details may not be factual. Take all rumors, tech or otherwise, with a grain of salt.]

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