Rumors of iOS 9 on the Horizon

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The five day long WWCD 2015 Apple conference is scheduled for the beginning of June in San Francisco. Everyone is looking forward to Apple revealing the new iOS 9, filed under code name “Monarch.” Prior to its release, rumors and speculations have been circulating tech blogs as to what Apple will be adjusting in the new update. Here are some of the more popular rumors of what will appear in the new iOS 9:

Smaller Download Size to Upgrade from iOS 8 to 9

One of the biggest complaints from users is that the iOS 8 update required too much space. For some (if not most) users with 16GB devices, it was difficult to update from iOS 7 to 8 due to the fact that it required so much space. In fact, iOS 8 required more than 2GB of free space to install.

New and Improved Siri

Using the Apple Watch as inspiration, Siri will be getting a makeover. The new iOS 9 update will add a bit of color to the wavy lines that appear at the bottom of the screen. There is hope that Siri will become smarter due to competition with the advanced Google Now voice assist. Users are also hoping for a “local” Siri, meaning that Siri doesn’t need an internet connection to compute tasks like setting reminders, alarms, sending emails, etc.

Beats Music Integration


Given Apple’s purchase of Beats in August 2014, consumers are hoping that Apple will successfully integrate Beats Music into iOS 9. It would be a prime opportunity for Apple to provide a music streaming service that could compete alongside Spotify and Google’s Play Music All Access.

Public Transit Added to Apple Maps

Apple Maps has been one of the weak points of iOS, leading iOS users to seek transit directions and maps from the ever-popular Google Maps app. Hopefully iOS 9 will improve upon this feature, with highlights that could include public transit routes and possibly an augmented reality view that uses your camera to highlight points of interest on your screen.

Security Improvements

Given the iCloud hacks, there is talk that iOS 9 will come with better security features. Mark Gurman, from 9to5Mac, noted that “iOS 9 engineers are putting a ‘huge’ focus on fixing bugs, maintaining stability, and boosting performance for the new operating system.”

Split-Screen Multitasking for iPads

Even though it is a long shot, there is the possibility that the new Apple iOS will include true multitasking: side-by-side app functionality (iPad only). Many thought that this feature was going to debut on iOS 8; but low and behold, we were not treated to such a feature. Considering that running apps side-by-side has long been available on Samsung and Microsoft tablets, it is about time that Apple brings this function to their devices.

Possible Contact Availability (due to new patent acquired by Apple)

Based off of a recent patent acquired by Apple, there is talk that Apple might be integrating technology that allows a user to see whether or not their contacts are available for conversation. It would be similar in nature to Find My Friends, with the added bonus of being able to see whether your contacts have their phone on Airplane or Silent mode.


Although the amount of new features will be significantly less than other iOS releases, expect that iOS 9 will be more reliable, run smoother, and contain new color themes. This should make for an even better user experience throughout.

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