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Rumor: Touch ID Coming to Mac this Year

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It’s possible that Apple will be bringing its Touch ID fingerprint sensor to Mac Laptops and desktops according to several sources. Rumor has it that Apple will integrate the scanner in the trackpad of its 12-inch Retina-MacBook Pro Air and future generations of MacBook Pro.
It’s also possible that we’ll see a variety of color options for the 12-inch MacBook Air, which will include space grey, silver, and gold like the recent version of Apples iPhones.

Desktops like iMac, Mac Pro, and Mac Mini, the touch ID will be enabled by a magic mouse and magic trackpad. Touch ID on Mac’s would be best for password management as well as logging on to your computer.  Touch ID will also enable the Apple Pay functionality so purchases done through desktops will become even easier. Although nothing has been confirmed, Apple is indeed thinking about adding this feature onto future Macs and computer products.

We’re hoping to learn more about the Touch ID functionality later in the year. Stay tuned as we learn more information about the possibility of Touch ID coming to Macs soon.

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