Overhauled MacBook Pro Series Coming Soon, More Information Revealed

Overhauled MacBook Pro Series Coming Soon, More Information Revealed
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Word has come from Juli Clover, writer for MacRumors, that Apple suppliers have begun to ship parts for a future MacBook Pro 13-inch laptop. Steve Shen from DigiTimes writes that Jarllytec, a laptop hinge producer, has increased their revenues thanks to shipments of metal injection molding hinges for 13-inch MacBooks. It’s unclear what MacBook model these hinges will be used in, excluding the screen size.

“Metal injection molding is a technique used to create small, intricate metal parts. Apple is rumored to be using hinges crafted this way to save space, as the next-generation MacBook Pro models are said to be ultra-thin,” Juli Clover writes. Apple is known for shrinking the weight of their products, like with the iPhone, iPad, and the MacBook Air.

Why is this such a big deal? Well, first it’s a subtle confirmation that a new MacBook Pro 13-inch model is on the way and perhaps even a new 15-inch model is, as well. Second, it means the MacBook Pro is getting lighter, a decent selling point for most consumers. Having a lighter weight MacBook Pro is appealing for students and business people who need a portable computer, that is also powerful, and easier to carry than what Apple currently offers.

Clover writes that Apple may ship hinges for their larger 15-inch model this summer. She suggests the company will be staggering the release of their new MacBook Pros with the 13-inch being first, followed later by the 15-inch.

Apple isn’t likely to announce a new MacBook Pro model at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) coming up this month, according to Clover. Apple waits until a few weeks before announcing a new product, usually when it’s ready for mass distribution. Instead, she suggests possibly a 13-inch release in September and then October or November for the 15-inch.

Jeff Parsons from Mirror mentions rumors about the new MacBook Pro 13-inch, suggesting the computer will replace the traditional function keys on the keyboard with an “OLED touch bar.” Parsons goes on to say, MacWorld has suggested the new MacBook Pro will be announced at this year’s WWDC. “We’re still keeping our fingers crossed for WWDC 2016 and it seems to be the most likely option, but there has been one recent rumor from trusted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo that suggests the new MacBooks will be coming out in the fourth quarter of 2016, which runs from July to September for Apple.”

It’s exciting to see the possibility of a new refresh of the MacBook Pro line. It’s been a while since the last one. A lighter version of the MacBook Pro could attract consumers who want a light weight computer that has a lot of power. Here’s hoping that there will be at least some hint about the new MacBook Pro at WWDC!

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