Newest iPhone 7 Leaks Seem to Confirm 32GB Base Model Storage and Brand New Color Option

Newest iPhone 7 Leaks Seem to Confirm 32GB Base Model Storage and Brand New Color Option
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Now that we know the ‘iPhone 7’ is just a few days away from gracing us with its presence, and that the majority of rumors have all but been confirmed, it’s safe to say that people all around the world are getting pretty darn excited for the release of Silicon Valley’s impending piece of technological goodness.

Even despite the rumors, and evident confirmation thereof, however, the rumor mill is probably just going to keep on churning at full speed — likely up until the very moment that Tim Cook hits the stage next Wednesday morning.

That said, we have a pair of rather intriguing images to share with you this morning, which seem to further confirm some of the most hotly anticipated aspects about the forthcoming flagship.

First up, coming to us this morning courtesy of reliable Twitter leaker, @the_malignant, is a photo of what he alleges is a sticker from an ‘iPhone 7’ prototype, which was recently returned to Foxconn — one of Apple’s Far East manufacturing partners. While that, in and of itself, isn’t exactly newsworthy, if you take a closer look at the image, you’ll likely notice that little “32 G” located on the bottom, right-hand side.


The sticker, which the reliable leaker notes is merely a marker for a returned ‘iPhone 7’ prototype, appears to show that the device was returned on 8/29 — presumably August 29th of this year. And, bearing the “D10” marker, is consistent with previously leaked images which suggested that Apple was working with 3 functional iPhone 7 prototypes — including a D10, D11, and D12.

It remains to be seen, of course, if Apple will indeed double the storage of the base-model iPhone 7 to 32 GB this year; however, not only have several previous rumors alluded to this transition, but the company has apparently adopted a similar strategy in its iPad offerings — with the base-model iPad Pro being equipped with a 32 GB flash memory chip, and moving up from there to 128 GB, and finally, maxing out at 256 GB.

We’re also seeing another photo, which seems to confirm previous rumors. Provided by the popular Japanese blogging site, Macotokara, the image appears to show a total of five (5) SIM trays purportedly belonging to Apple’s forthcoming ‘iPhone 7’ flagship.

What’s most interesting, above all, is that there are a total of five different colors — two of which appear to be of a black hue, with one boasting a glossy, well-polished black, a la iPhone 4, and the other being more consistent with Apple’s iconic Space Gray.


Furthermore, the Macotokara report refers to the new glossy black color as a “beautiful gloss similar to the 2013 Mac Pro,” according to AppleInsider.

Could it be that Apple plans to release two distinct shades of a black iPhone 7 next week? Well, it’s certainly possible.. Also, not only does the new black color confirm previous rumors of a shake up on the color spectrum this year, but it certainly wouldn’t be the first time that Cupertino has employed a “black gloss” iPhone casing. The iPhone 4 and 4s, and to a lesser extent, the 3G and 3Gs, were all released in a shiny black hue. So it’s very possible that Apple has decided to introduce two different shades of black — one of which is perhaps more consistent with Space Gray — this year.

Of course, we’ll find out for certain in just a matter of days, won’t we?

Would you purchase a glossy black iPhone 7? Let us know in the comments! 

[The information provided in this article has NOT been confirmed by Apple and may be speculation. Provided details may not be factual. Take all rumors, tech or otherwise, with a grain of salt.]

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