New iPhone 7 Component Leaks Further Suggest 256 GB Storage, Dual-Lens Camera System

New iPhone 7 Component Leaks Further Suggest 256 GB Storage, Dual-Lens Camera System
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As we continue to inch our way closer and closer to Apple’s almost certain fall, 2016 unveiling of the ‘iPhone 7,’ it’s likely we’ll only continue to see more and more rumors and leaks trickle their way onto the web.

This morning we were graced with the most recent slate of leaks — which purportedly show that, at the least, Apple’s ‘iPhone 7 Plus’ will feature both a 256 GB storage option, as well as the long-rumored, dual-lens camera module around back.

Because they were originally discovered on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Facebook, these latest component images should probably be taken with an extra-large grain of salt — at least for now. However, in their defense, there have been several rumors that’ve surfaced recently, alleging that Apple’s forthcoming iPhone will feature a 256 GB storage option, and that at least the ‘iPhone 7 Plus’ (or is it the 7 Pro?) will feature a dual-lens camera module around back.

On the other hand, unfortunately, these photos allegedly show what appears to be measly little 16 GB flash storage component, too — which leads us to believe that, very much to the disdain of most iPhone fans, Apple may (once again) be sticking with just 16 GB as it’s base-model storage option.

As far as the 256 GB storage goes, however, it’s more likely that we’ll see this size as an option — at least on the larger ‘iPhone 7 Plus’, especially given Apple’s introduction of the whopping 256 GB option when it introduced the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, and refreshed its behemoth 12.9-inch iPad Pro, earlier this year.

As for the dual-lens camera module: it’s been long-rumored that Apple would be implementing a dual-lens camera on at least the ‘iPhone 7 Plus’ — which perhaps features an enhanced optical zoom capability, and better photo capturing abilities in low light settings.


As you can see from these images, however, only one of the lenses appears to boast the ability for optical zoom — while the other appears to be just a standard camera module, though perhaps an upgrade over the current 12 MP sensor on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Given that other manufacturers, such as LG with its G5 handset, have already brought a dual-lens camera to market, it’s only reasonable to assume that Apple could end up following suit.

Also, while we’re talking about LG: it appears that, according to a recent analyst note from Nomura Securities analyst, Chris Chang, Sony — Apple’s usual ‘go-to’ supplier for high-quality camera modules — has fallen behind in production of a dual-lens camera it was working on for the iPhone 7.

Therefore, Chang noted, “We think Sony may not be able to deliver its full share of dual cameras to Apple, due to lower-than-expected yield, as well as damage to its production facility from the April earthquake in Kumamoto.”

Chang was also quick to note that, in light of these unforeseen setbacks, Apple has since turned to LG in an effort to meet the dual-lens camera module demands of its ‘iPhone 7’. Chang’s note also alleges that, not only will the ‘iPhone 7 Plus’ feature this dual-lens setup, but also the standard iPhone 7, too — though I think, perhaps for obvious reasons, we’d all be best served taking that one with an overflowing, heaping mound of salt until further notice.

What do you think about Apple’s most recent component leaks? Are you excited for the prospect of stuffing a powerful, dual-lens camera and 256 GB of storage into your pocket? Let us know in the comments!

[The information provided in this article has NOT been confirmed by Apple and may be speculation. Provided details may not be factual. Take all rumors, tech or otherwise, with a grain of salt.]

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