Most Exciting New Apps to Expect from Apple’s WWDC 2019 Event

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Apple’s June event is always a good place to see what new software features are in store for the coming year. WWDC is Apple’s big developer event where the company talks about new OS versions, its latest development tools, how it is encouraging future development, big new developer partnerships, and the latest in-house apps that it’s working on. As a result, WWDC is the perfect time to see just what new apps to expect for macOS, iOS, and beyond.

Based on all of the latest rumors, Apple’s careful hints, and what other developers have mentioned so far, here are several of apps that you can expect an announcement about.

New Apple Watch Health Apps

The Apple Watch is getting some exciting upgrades with several new apps, most notably new health apps to follow on Apple’s successful health focus for the Watch. There will be a Pills app for those who have to take regular medications and need an easy way to track them and get reminders. Apple’s also adding a Cycles app, which is created to track menstrual cycles for a variety of health purposes (and will no doubt surprise many looking for a bicycle app). The Watch will also be getting extra audio and texting features.

New Find My Phone App

Reports indicate that Apple will be releasing a new Find My Phone app. This app doesn’t see a lot of use regularly, usually only during emergencies. Apple apparently wants to make it a little more popular, so they are merging aspects of Find My Friends with Find My Phone, basically giving you an app that’s good for generally finding stuff in your nearby location. There are also rumors of making the Phone features working without needing access to Wi-Fi, somehow pinging directly off your mobile device for easier location.

New Music App

Yes, Apple is expected to announce by a TV-only and music-only app at WWDC. What’s iTunes going to do? Well, Apple doesn’t seem entirely pleased with iTunes right now, especially in regard to how clunky and complex it has become.

The introduction of these new, simplified apps is a sign that Apple wants to pull away from the complexity of iTunes and offer apps more tailored toward speedy, simple user experiences. Does this signify a downfall for iTunes? Not exactly, but the concept of iTunes may be turning into a “family of apps” instead of “a single app for everything.”

New Mail App

Once set up, the Mail app isn’t… bad. It functions just fine, most of the time. But it’s also pretty limited compared to the fast-paced, detailed email clients that we’re used to using these days, especially when it comes to more professional applications. You can bet Apple wants to change that, and the rumors also show that a new Mail app will be announced, probably a version with more features for managing complex email chains.

Mac TV App

As you may have already noticed, Apple is releasing a big new TV streaming service later this year. So it’s not really a surprise that the company is also announcing a new app especially for TV, ready for Macs. And since another new Apple project is universal apps (via the Marzipan framework for developers), there’s a good chance that this TV app will also be available for download on iOS devices. Expect Apple to diverge clearly from the iTunes video interface to avoid confusion.

iPad Tab View

iPad’s app framework is expected to get an upgrade that allows for split window viewing within an app via tabs, bringing even more split window options to the iPad and app developers. This coincides well with Apple’s latest focus on larger, more professional iPads.

AR App

Apple AR

Apple’s announcement materials for WWDC include a focus on augmented reality. This no doubt means new AR tools for developers. But does it mean that Apple will also be announcing a dedicated AR app or AR store? It could definitely happen! This is one area where Apple may be eager to compete more directly with Samsung and Microsoft for the consumer market.

iOS Dark Mode

Okay, this isn’t an app, but we’re still excited about it. Apple’s expected to announce a new dark mode for iOS (at last). There’s also a chance that Apple could include new “neon” color options for apps to help them stand out better in dark mode. Awesome.

[The information provided in this article has NOT been confirmed by Apple and may be speculation. Provided details may not be factual. Take all rumors, tech or otherwise, with a grain of salt.]

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