More Stunning ‘Space Black’ iPhone 7 Models Surface, Could There Be Truth to the Rumors?

More Stunning 'Space Black' iPhone 7 Models Surface, Could There Be Truth to the Rumors?
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With the official release of the iPhone 7 just weeks away, “leaked” photos and videos allegedly showcasing the new device are flooding the internet. Previous leaks have shown us the upgraded camera, the re-positioned antenna lines on the back, the bottom of the device sans-headphone jack, and more. We’ve even seen professionally-made mockups of a “Deep Blue” iPhone 7 Plus, which brings us to one of the more prominent, but least reliable rumors surrounding the iPhone 7 – new color options.

Rumors claiming that Apple would be looking to introduce a “Space Black” option for the iPhone 7 have circulated the internet for months, as have rumors that Apple will replace the tried-and-true “Space Gray” option with a new “Deep Blue” option. Most agree that the Deep Blue rumor is unlikely (although previous mockups and concepts have looked quite impressive) – the Space Black rumor, however, seems to still be up in the air. Apple introduced a Space Black Apple Watch in September of last year, alongside a Rose Gold iPhone 6s – a new color for the iPhone line. And with several usually reliable sources posting confirmation of the new color, and several photos that purportedly show leaked components for a Space Black phone, we’re leaning towards believing the popular rumor.

If Apple were to release a Space Black iPhone 7 in a couple of weeks, what exactly would it look like? We’ve seen several mockups and concepts, including some from famed designer Martin Hajek, but not a whole lot of photos of the actual device in question. However, recent photos shared by Dutch site TechTastic purportedly showcase a brand-new Space Black iPhone 7 Plus.

The photos, which aren’t of great quality, show many of the design aspects that we’ve come to expect from iPhone 7 Plus leaks – the dual-camera lens, the lack of headphone jack on the bottom, the double speaker grilles, even the rumored “Smart Connector” that may or may not be present on the iPhone 7 Plus. However, several aspects about the photos seem inconsistent with previous rumors and leaks.

Most noticeably, the device is labeled as an “s” variant under the iPhone logo on the rear casing of the phone – most pundits agree that device released in September will be known as the “iPhone 7”, and with Apple releasing the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus last year, it’s doubtful that the “s” label would be attached to the device. The photos displaying the bottom of the device also show a deformation right next to the Lightning Port, possibly indicating that the photos have been Photoshopped or that they are perhaps depicting a poorly-made mockup rather than the real device itself.

Regardless of whether or not the most recently-leaked photos are real, all of the previous mockups, leaks, and concepts that we have seen of the Space Black color are stunning, and we’re hopeful that the color makes it into the lineup for the new device. Perhaps that Deep Blue color will join the foray, as well?

Which do you like better? Space Black or Deep Blue? Let us know in the comments below.

[The information provided in this article has NOT been confirmed by Apple and may be speculation. Provided details may not be factual. Take all rumors, tech or otherwise, with a grain of salt.]

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