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More Leaked Info Regarding iPhone 6S Force Touch Technology

More Leaked Info Regarding iPhone 6S Force Touch Technology
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One of the most talked-about rumored features of the iPhone 6S is the inclusion of a Force Touch-compatible display. The pressure-sensitive display could be used in a variety of different ways on the new handsets. As the expected announcement date of September 9th draws closer, more information regarding the iPhone 6S is becoming available. Recently, several sources have leaked photos and video showing off the new display, as well as information about how the technology will actually be used in the operating system.


A video published earlier today on YouTube by MacManiak shows what is reputed to be an iPhone 6S display. The video compares the new display to the display of an iPhone 6, pointing out such differences as the location and orientation of the flex connectors, and the orientation of the Touch ID cable. The video also points out the same small, rectangular cutout that appeared in leaked photos earlier this month, believed to house the taptic engine used by the Force Touch display in the Apple Watch.

Information on how the Force Touch technology will actually be used in the iPhone 6S was reportedly leaked to 9to5Mac earlier today, as well. The media outlet’s “source” claims that Force Touch will be used for a variety of purposes. For example, a deep press can skip existing lists of options and/or button presses, acting as a shortcut for certain actions.

In the Maps app, users can deep press on a destination to immediately begin navigation there, skipping several steps in the process. A deep press can also be used to bring up a contextually-specific menu – in the Music app, deep pressing a song will bring up a menu allowing the user to add the song to a playlist or save it for listening offline. Deep pressing an app can bring up a contextual menu, as well – deep pressing the phone icon on the home screen, for example, will allow the user to head directly to the Voicemail tab. The Force Touch feature on the phone will mimic some of its uses in Apple’s latest MacBooks, as well – deep pressing a link in Safari will bring up a preview of that page, etc.

Could This Rectangular Cutout House the Force Touch Taptic Engine?

Force Touch could have many more uses in the iPhone 6S, and eventually could revolutionize the way we use our phones. Alongside the new Force Touch displays, the 6S is rumored to feature a faster processor, increased RAM, an improved camera, and a new Qualcomm chip that could double download speeds. The iPhone 6S announcement is expected to take place at the Apple event on September 9th, possibly alongside a new Apple TV and a host of new iPads.

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