Leaked Photos of iPhone 6 SE Packaging Surface, But the Pieces of the Puzzle Aren’t Fitting Together

Leaked Photos of iPhone 6 SE Packaging Surface, But the Pieces of the Puzzle Aren’t Fitting Together
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About a month ago, we reported that Apple’s forthcoming ‘iPhone 7’ flagship could instead be rechristened the ‘iPhone 6 SE’ when the handset finally hits store shelves later on this fall.

Originally, it was believed by several “well-connected individuals” with “deep ties to Apple’s Far East supply chain” that this ‘iPhone 6 SE’ could perhaps be a rebranding of the ‘iPhone 7’ — perhaps in an attempt to make the handset (which isn’t expected to be that groundbreaking, by the way) seem like more of an intermittent upgrade, rather than a full step up on the iPhone evolution ladder.

However, even despite the questionable nature of those original ‘iPhone 6 SE’ rumors, they seem to be coming at us left and right lately, suggesting that maybe — just maybe — our original sources weren’t too far off, after all.

That all depends on the validity of a new series of leaked ‘iPhone 6SE’ packaging photos that surfaced via the interwebs earlier this week. Yet, from what can be discerned of them, several red flags are almost immediately sure to pop out and catch your attention.

The three photos in question, which were originally leaked in an edited email sent to Techtastic, purportedly show the iconic white iPhone packaging bearing the ‘iPhone 6 SE’ moniker. Although the images themselves are bound to leave room for a lot of speculation..

On this packaging, for starters, the ‘SE’ branding is positioned slightly lower than the ‘iPhone 6’ inscription; whereas, for comparison’s sake, the ‘iPhone SE’ imprinted on the side of the revamped 4-incher’s packaging is 100% consistent, through and through. Similarly, the ‘SE’ also protrudes a bit too far over the top of the ‘iPhone 6’ branding.

Flipping the package around to the back side, however, might reveal some more telling signs that these images are either heavily photoshopped, or, in the case that we end up getting a “September surprise” this year, just a really bad print job on Apple’s packaging supplier’s end.

Taking a good look at the pictures of the back, you can pretty clearly see that the typography of the various features and markings aren’t clearly, evenly typed out — as has historically been the case on Apple’s official product packaging.

Additionally, while not exactly a make-or-break revelation, the box indicated that a pair of ‘EarPods’ are included inside. And unless Apple decided not to disclose the actual input source for these inclusive ‘iPhone 6 SE’ EarPods, then we’d have to say it’s more than likely a really good mock job.

As most of us know by now, Apple is widely expected to be ditching the standard 3.5mm analog audio jack on its forthcoming flagship — regardless of what the device is ultimately called.

In recent months, internet speculators have run rampant — suggesting that, since the ‘iPhone 7’ is largely expected to be a modest step up over the iPhone 6s — and that Apple will instead be unveiling a vastly redesigned ‘iPhone 8’ for 2017, the Cupertino-company may have decided to use the ‘iPhone 6 SE’ moniker, instead, perhaps not to confuse costumers who might be expecting something more profound than Apple is gearing up to deliver this year.

In either case, it won’t be too long until we find out the truth, right? The highly anticipated 2016 iPhone — whatever it’s ultimately dubbed — is expected to launch within the coming weeks, though no concrete date has yet to be etched in stone.

Would you upgrade to an ‘iPhone 7’ if it was instead called the ‘iPhone 6 SE’?
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[The information provided in this article has NOT been confirmed by Apple and may be speculation. Provided details may not be factual. Take all rumors, tech or otherwise, with a grain of salt.]

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