Leaked: New Apple Patent Suggests You Could Unlock Your Home With an iPhone 6s

Leaked: New Apple Patent Suggests You Could Unlock Your Home With an iPhone 6s

The folks at Apple always seem to have tricks up their sleeves. This morning we learned new information that helped iDrop News™ put together predictions for new security features we could see on the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 7.

A biometric security firm based in Charlottesville, Virginia has allegedly been purchased, or in the process of being purchased, by Apple. Information comes from CNN money, which reports that Privaris has transferred nearly all of its patents to Apple, totaling 26 so far.

logo_PRIVARIS_logo_RGB_300dpi_3Privaris’ patents could make the Touch ID sensor on the iPhone more feature-rich for added capabilities. One of the biggest advancements we know about so far is the ability to use the Touch ID scanner just like you would use for Apple Pay, but with your home’s door. With this new technology, we could be able to replace our ever-growing set of keys with just an iPhone 6s.

Other patents in Privaris’ portfolio include more fingerprint and touchscreen technologies, which can be used to make payments, control machines, and back-up your data. Privaris’ patents seem to improve upon some of Apple’s existing technologies, while some of their patents might allow Apple to venture into markets they never dreamed of previously.

CNN Money goes on to say that Apple was granted its first three patents from Privaris in late 2012. Apple reportedly bought out almost all of their remaining patents in 2014. It hasn’t be stated officially that Apple will acquire the entirety of Privaris, but we can assume so, since Apple now owns over 80% of their intellectual properties.

CNN Money also requested first-hand information, however neither Privaris nor Apple commented on the matter. Not surprising, considering Apple usually spouts their boilerplate response “Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans” when asked to provide details of their acquisitions.

While Apple has declined to comment on their plans, we can easily see what Privaris’ patents include and from that, we can achieve a general idea of what they plan to do with the new technologies. Based on previous rumors and what we already expect for the future, we can provide some solid predictions for what new features the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 could bring.

Not too long ago, Ming-Chi Kuo gave us expert inferences into what Apple is working on for the iPhone 6s. In one of Kuo’s predictions, he stated that an improved Touch ID sensor is to be developed for iPhone and iPad. Considering Apple’s acquisition of one of the leading biometric companies, it can be safe to say Ming-Chi Kuo will probably be correct in his predictions. The new Touch ID technology could easily be integrated into the iPhone 6s home button.

062215-IPHONEHOMEBUTTON-11Other technologies created by Privaris include the ability to use a touchscreen and a fingerprint scanner simultaneously, which parallels another previous rumor. On June 22nd 2015 we learned that Apple’s iPhone 7 might not have a home button. What this should mean is the Touch ID scanner/home button combo will be nixed entirely. Instead, fingerprint-scanning technology will be implemented into the touch screen.

With all of the aforementioned technologies, we are seeing the true possibility of a bezel-free iPhone 7 coming to fruition; we are estimating the iPhone 7 with a fingerprint scanner built into its display will be unveiled September 2016.

If Apple can put its technologies together soon enough, we will most likely see the iPhone 6s being released this September with the all-new Touch ID sensor placed below the screen.

We also expect to see the brand new Apple TV this fall. The new Apple TV is supposed to act as a Hub for your smart home, putting together all of your smart home’s technologies including your front door’s smart locks.

The Lowdown: The iPhone 6s will most likely receive a brand new Touch ID scanner that will be capable of unlocking your home’s doors, and much more, as long as your smart home is connected through the new HomeKit enabled Apple TV that is expected to be released in September of 2015.

Continue checking iDrop News™ as we will keep you updated on any new rumors regarding the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7!

Would you like to use your iPhone to unlock your home using the Touch ID fingerprint scanner? Would you trust the device to keep your home secure? Let us know in the comments below!



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