Leaked iPhone 7 Schematics Reveal Camera Upgrades and a Familiar Size

Leaked iPhone 7 Schematics Reveal Camera Upgrades and a Familiar Size
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Granted we don’t know a whole lot about Apple’s forthcoming ‘iPhone 7’ yet, that certainly hasn’t stopped a slew of new rumors and renderings from making their way onto the web in recent months. And the latest of these, so it seems, reveals that the Silicon Valley iPhone-maker’s impending flagship is poised to be — at least from a size standpoint — physically symmetrical to the iPhone 6s in both length and width.

Strangely enough, in what might be a tell-tale sign that Apple is planning on revamping the forthcoming, base-model device’s camera module, these schematics also reveal the presence of a significantly larger camera module opening around back.

According to French website NWE, which originally leaked the new image we’re seeing today, the iPhone 7’s outer shell will measure a width and length of 67.12 and 138.8 millimeters, respectively. As far as cutouts for volume rocker, power button, and Lightning port are concerned, the schematics reveal that the iPhone 7 will feature a layout nearly identical to the iPhone 6s.

iDrop_iPhone7Schematics6s_02Photo OnLeaks

In fact, the only real difference, as you can see, is the presence of that visibly larger camera opening — accompanied, of course, by the same LED flash cutout of old. And while we have heard so far that Apple could potentially be releasing an iPhone 7 Pro — perhaps boasting a dual-lens camera set up, this larger camera module cutout on the base-model iPhone 7 could potentially allude to an upgraded camera of some sort ultimately making its debut on the forthcoming flagship.

Furthermore, while NWE and several other sources have indicated that the iPhone 7 will be “imperceptibly thinner” than its predecessor, most notably missing from this new schematic is the depth variable. Apple has been long-rumored to be ditching the standard 3.5mm headphone jack on the iPhone 7 in order to make this insane thinness possible.


It will be interesting to see, of course, what kind of iPhone Apple ultimately brings to the table this year, but one this is for certain thus far — expectations are higher than they ever have been before, and thus, Cupertino has seriously got to deliver something beastly if it wants to stay competitive.

To that end, with the influx of rumors this early on in the game, we’d say users have every right to be as excited as they are. Recent reports allege that customer anticipation is at an all-time high for the iPhone, as sales of Apple’s pride-and-joy have continued to dwindle down in recent months.

We’ll certainly keep you posted as new details continue to emerge, but Apple is widely expected to take the wraps off of its iPhone 7 family of devices at a special media event consistent with its typical September/October refresh timeframe.

Could Apple really be entertaining the idea of upgrading the base-model iPhone 7’s camera? Or will the real picture taking prowess come in the form of the rumored ‘iPhone 7 Pro’? Let us know what you think in the comments! 

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[The information provided in this article has NOT been confirmed by Apple and may be speculation. Provided details may not be factual. Take all rumors, tech or otherwise, with a grain of salt.]

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