Leaked iPhone 6s Leaflet Confirms 16GB Storage Option

Leaked iPhone 6S Leaflet Confirms 16GB Storage Option
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One of the more common complaints from iPhone users is the lack of storage on the cheapest model of the phone. Users who tend to download a fair amount of apps, or who use their cameras extensively, can quickly fill up the free memory on a 16GB iPhone.

With the upcoming release of the iPhone 6s, many reports around the web speculated that Apple would be ditching the 16GB option, making a 32GB phone the lowest-tier available. However, a recently leaked photo of an iPhone 6s leaflet may confirm that these rumors weren’t factual.


Although it would seem reasonable for Apple to offer a 32GB phone as their entry-level option, it appears as if the 16GB phone will be back with the iPhone 6s. Twitter user Steve Hemmerstoffer (Twitter handle @stagueve), an editor at popular French site NoWhereElse.fr, recently tweeted out a photo purportedly showing a leaflet from iPhone 6s packaging. The leaflet, which lists the content of the iPhone 6s package, prominently displays a “16GB” label at the top.

Memory issues have plagued iPhone users since the release of iOS 8. As operating systems, games, and apps advance, the storage they take up tends to grow with them. On top of the ever-increasing size of programs, the technology of the cameras within our phones allow us to take larger, crisper, more detailed photos – which, of course, also eat up more memory. The latest iPhone will reportedly sport a camera capable of taking 12MP photos and 4k-quality video. Although Apple has repeatedly attempted to entice users to take more advantage of cloud storage services, there’s no doubt that iPhone 6s users will likely use up 16GB of storage in a relatively short amount of time.

Although all reported “leaks” should be viewed with some skepticism, a 16GB iPhone 6s model lines-up with recently “leaked” schematics and other reports that have surfaced recently. It seems likely that Apple will be sticking with the 16GB / 64GB / and 128GB storage varieties for the iPhone 6s release.

The iPhone 6s will reportedly feature a new A9 processor, 12MP camera, reinforced aluminum casing, and a Force Touch-compatible display. The phone is expected to be released at an Apple event on September 9th, alongside a new Apple TV device, and several new models of iPads.

[The information provided in this article has NOT been confirmed by Apple and may be speculation. Provided details may not be factual. Take all rumors, tech or otherwise, with a grain of salt.]

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