Is Touch ID Finally Coming to This Year’s Apple Watch Series 7?

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The Apple Watch is already packed with so many features that it’s hard to believe Apple could add something else into the mix – but believe it or not, there’s still room for improvement.

One of the features that several of us want to see in the upcoming Apple Watch Series 7 is Touch ID, which would make the Apple Watch more secure and quicker to unlock than ever.

Unfortunately, though, Touch ID might not come to the next Apple Watch (or even after that).

Mark Gurman, who’s well-known for his leaks about upcoming Apple products, shared via his newsletter that the next Apple Watch won’t include Touch ID.

Gurman goes on to explain how helpful a fingerprint reader would be on the Apple Watch, especially when it comes to using it with Apple Pay.

Apple has stated in the past that it wants to replace physical wallets with the Apple Watch and iPhone. Even though many people are already using their Apple Watch for payments, knowing that no one else can make payments without your fingerprint would add peace of mind for many Apple Watch users.

Unfortunately, Gurman believes that Apple doesn’t have any plans to add Touch ID to the upcoming Apple Watch Series 7, and it’s quite possible the company doesn’t have plans to add this feature at all to any Apple Watch.

Instead, rumor has it that the company will focus on battery life instead. There have been rumors that the Apple Watch will be slightly thicker than the current models. It won’t be thick enough for users to realize it, but it’ll give some extra room that Apple might use for additional sensors or, in this case, a bigger battery.

Based on the rumors, it seems like this year’s Apple Watch won’t have a ton of new features to get excited about, other than an exciting redesign and a new green color option. 

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