iPhone XR2 Rumored to Feature ‘Ugly’ Camera Bump, Two New Color Options

Iphone Xr2 Daily Mail Credit: Daily Mail
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If you were planning to buy an iPhone XR2 to avoid Apple’s controversial and “ugly” triple-lens camera bump, you may be out of luck. Although, it could net you two new color options to choose from.

An image of alleged case moldings for the 2019 iPhone lineup, which was tweeted by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman on Sunday, appears to depict all three devices sporting a squarish camera bump.

While we don’t know their names yet, the devices in the image are presumably the successors to the iPhone XS, iPhone XR and iPhone XS Max, respectively.

The case moldings are just another piece of corroborating evidence suggesting that the iPhone XR successor will also adopt the larger, square-shaped camera bump. Just a few days ago, OnLeaks’ Steve Hemmerstoffer tweeted 2019 iPhone XR renders with the same design.

That’s despite the fact that it’s rumored to have two camera lenses, instead of three like its stablemates. That’s interesting since there’s little reason for Apple to adopt the square camera bump for a dual-lens iPhone — since the existing pill-shaped design used by the iPhone XS and XS Max would suffice.

In any case, the squarish camera design has proven to be controversial since OnLeaks first leaked the alleged form factor earlier this year. Between the bump design itself and the placement of the lenses, the overall camera setup is objectively clunky.

It’s worth noting that case moldings like the ones in Gurman’s image don’t come from Apple. Instead, they’re typically created by third-party case manufacturers from the latest iPhone rumors, as well as leaked information from within the Apple supply chain. Still, case makers have a lot of incentive to be accurate with their moldings — and moldings have proven accurate in the past.

In more positive news, Japanese Apple supply-chain blog Mac Otakara has noted that the iPhone XR2 will likely be available in two new color options including neon green and purple. The site also notes that Apple will allegedly be dropping Coral and Blue color configurations from the lineup.

In addition to upgraded camera setups across the lineup, the 2019 iPhones are also expected to sport two-way wireless charging, larger batteries, indoor navigation features, and Apple’s upcoming A13 chipset. The lineup will likely debut at an Apple event in the fall.

[The information provided in this article has NOT been confirmed by Apple and may be speculation. Provided details may not be factual. Take all rumors, tech or otherwise, with a grain of salt.]

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