Apple’s iPhone X Plus: 4 Things You Need to Know

Iphone X Plus Credit: XEETECHCARE
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We are getting closer to the expected release of Apple’s three new iPhone models that will hit the market this year, which includes the long rumored iPhone X upgrade: The iPhone X Plus.

As per usual, Apple has been tight lipped about the details of their new iPhone and while we still have a ways to go before Apple’s official announcement, there are plenty of details and information surrounding the new device.

4 iPhone X Plus Size/Display

Every year we encounter the same question, will Apple go big or small? This year Apple will considerably go bigger with the iPhone X Plus, while retaining many of the characteristics and features of the iPhone X.

According to device schematics floating around, the device will be roughly 6.20 by 3.04 inches. In comparison, the iPhone X is significantly smaller in size at 5.65 by 2.79 inches. What these dimensions tell us is that the iPhone X Plus will include a similar OLED display that is found on the iPhone X, albeit bigger and notably taller display than the aforementioned model.

3 iPhone X Plus Price

While the iPhone X hit the market at a cost of $999 for the 64GB version and a whopping $1,149 for the 256GB, the price did not stop the device from becoming the world’s best-selling smartphone and earning Apple record-breaking numbers.

It has been hotly debated what the actual starting price may be, but many analysts believe the iPhone X Plus will mirror the iPhone X price tag.

Pricing on Apple products is usually a guessing game and in previous years we have seen devices priced lower than initially expected and vice-versa. Most analysts agree that $999 would be an adequate starting point for the new model.

2 iPhone X Plus Storage Capacity

It is widely speculated that the new iPhone models that will debut later this year might introduce a new and much bigger storage configuration.

The current set of iPhone models come in a 64 GB version and a 256 GB for the higher-end models. While Samsung is already making 512GB drives for phones since last December and there are rumors of a new Huawei phone with 512GB of space, it is not so far fetched for Apple to launch its new model with the increased storage configuration.

1 iPhone X Plus Release Date

Apple is expected to unveil the new iPhone X Plus in September just like it has done in previous years. It is very likely that the company is currently gearing to start its trial production in order to avoid the problems that plagued release last year.

Even though reports of issues with the making of the TrueDepth camera have been making the rounds again as of late, it is very certain that Apple has made the adjustments by now in order to make the September deadline and avoid the another delay.

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