iPhone 7 Rumor Confirms Waterproof, Dustproof Casing, New Touch Sensitive Home Button

iPhone 7 Rumor Confirms Waterproof, Dustproof Casing, New Touch Sensitive Home Button
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The iPhone 7 rumor mill has been swirling at full-force recently, as a slew of new concepts and potential features, galore, continue to offer us a shimmering glimpse of what Apple might have waiting just over the imminent horizon.

And as of this morning, we have these even newer rumors — coming to us courtesy of Taiwanese DigiTimes. They allege, among other things, that not only will the iPhone 7 feature IP68 Water and Dust-proof certification, but it will also boast a new touch-sensitive home button. Currently in the beta testing phase of development, Apple’s new touch-sensitive home button set up will allow the company to omit the standard home button from its devices moving forward.

According to the patent filing, this touch-sensitive home button will reportedly allow for easier, press-free interaction with the device. And although most of the larger details pertaining to the patent still remain unclear, there has been previous talk about Apple one day embedding its Touch ID functionality directly into a device’s display.

Aside from these two features, however, most details about the iPhone 7 still remain unknown. While we would argue that the expectations of Apple are particularly high this year, it still remains to be seen what the company has in store for the future of the iPhone.

Several reports have so far alluded to the device perhaps being as much as 1 mm thinner, while ditching the standard 3.5mm headphone jack in the process. Other reports point to a 3rd or 4th ‘iPhone Pro’ variant, which sources indicate could feature a premium camera set up boasting a dual-lens optical image stabilization functionality.

Even still, several reports have indicated a newly redesigned, internal “fanning system,” as well as all the new bells and whistles fundamental to a new flagship device — such as Apple’s next-generation A series silicon, a bigger battery (we hope!), and so on.

Though we must admit: we hope Apple realizes the full extent of what’s on the line when it comes to the company’s iPhone 7 handset. Not only are customers eagerly anticipating a considerably upgraded device, internally and externally, but they’re hoping for a drastic overhaul across the board — in what could ultimately culminate as the most highly anticipated iPhone run-up since the original’s release back in June, 2007.

So, needless to say, it’ll be quite interesting to see what Apple ultimately has in store for us this year. And, perhaps more importantly, how the general public reacts to it. Of course, we won’t be waiting much longer until we find out, as the iPhone 7 is expected to be unveiled at a special media event later on this fall.

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Featured photo: Hasan Kaymak

[The information provided in this article has NOT been confirmed by Apple and may be speculation. Provided details may not be factual. Take all rumors, tech or otherwise, with a grain of salt.]

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