iPhone 7 Dual-Lens Camera Reported to Be in Testing Phase

IPhone 7 Dual-Lens Camera Reported to Be in Testing Phase
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With the recent influx of rumors concerning Apple’s forthcoming, 10th generation iPhone, ‘iPhone 7’, we’re expecting the hotly anticipated device to feature a bunch of physical and under-the-hood advancements over its predecessor. We’ve so far reported on pretty much everything — from the possibility of waterproofed, wireless-charging iPhones, to 256 GB storage options, larger batteries, and, most recently, the possible inclusion of a dual-lens style camera setup.

That being said, there’s some good news today about the lattermost of those propositions. Yes, indeed, according to an article published in DigiTimes, not only is the Cupertino company seriously considering the dual-lens camera module for the iPhone 7, but it’s already ordered samples from various suppliers within its vast network.


What’s more, the samples are reportedly coming from Japan AND China, which suggests the Silicon Valley tech-giant is still in the early, decision-making stage of the game.

Apple’s dual-lens camera could sport a number of improvements and unique features over its single-lens successor. For starters, its likely that the company will incorporate various technologies constituent with its acquisition of the photo-focused tech firm, Linx, last year. Additionally, though, the camera is expected to sport other features such as optical zoom, the ability to refocus a photo after it’s taken, and even the ability to take ultra high-resolution photos, too.

Now, before you get too excited, let us mention that DigiTimes has a somewhat unreliable track record when it comes to predicting the happenings at Apple. However, even still, the evidence that suggests a dual-lens camera is on the way — even if just for the ‘iPhone 7 Plus’ — is mounting and growing by heaps and bounds lately. So perhaps it’s not too unrealistic of a prospect, after all?

Only time will tell …

In the interim, well-connected KGI Securities’ analyst, Ming Chi Kuo, recently went on record saying that Apple might be offering two flavors of the iPhone 7 Plus — one sporting the traditional single-lens camera, and a more expensive dual-lens version for photographers and the like. However it’s very possible, just as well, that Apple is simply testing a few different options ahead of entering full-scale production later this year, and an inevitable release this fall.

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[The information provided in this article has NOT been confirmed by Apple and may be speculation. Provided details may not be factual. Take all rumors, tech or otherwise, with a grain of salt.]

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