More iPhone 6S Rumors

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For months now, there have been rumors circulating the internet concerning the next generation of iPhone handsets. Expected to debut sometime this coming September, the new iPhone (generally referred to as the 6S online), may be boasting quite a few new improvements.

While rumors abound online, the most credible and exciting that we’ve seen involve a new camera, upgraded RAM, and new pressure-sensing technology on the touchscreen. Reports indicate that the iPhone 6S could feature a dual-lens camera, with true optical zoom capabilities, improved low-light performance, and the ability to capture HDR images. A recent report from Taiwan’s Tech News claims that the new iPhone will also feature a substantial RAM upgrade – with 2GB of the cutting-edge LPDDR4 RAM. Lastly, a more recent rumor includes the use of “Force Touch” technology in the newest handset. “Force Touch,” expected to be included in the Apple Watch, can detect the pressure of a touch on the screen. Differentiating between a light touch and a press, the technology could open up some interesting possibilities for navigation and menus.

None of these rumors are confirmed. In fact, there is still plenty of debate as to whether the 6S will debut in the spring with the Apple Watch or in the fall. Be sure to stay tuned to iDropNews for the latest in Apple news and rumors.


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