iPhone 6c Rumors Heat Up Again

Much of the talk surrounding Apple recently has been around their September 9th event, which will likely see the launch of the iPhone 6s, the iPhone 6s Plus, a new Apple TV, and several new iPad models (perhaps even the iPad Pro). However, over the last several months, there have been quite a few on-again-off-again rumors surrounding a smaller, more budget-friendly iPhone – the iPhone 6c. New reports circulating the web state that we will indeed see an iPhone 6c in 2015, albeit not at the same time as the 6s and 6s Plus.

iPhone 6c Rumors are Back

Reports over the last several months have varied wildly surrounding the 6c. Some speculated that the 6c is just a rumor, and that we won’t see it at all. Others rumors, such as the one put out by noted KGI Securities Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and by Taiwanese website Digitimes, state that the phone will likely be released in 2016. Blogger and noted phone-leaker Evan Blass, known for his @evleaks tweets, stated earlier this month that the 6s, 6s Plus, and 6c would all be released at the September 9th event. However, the latest rumors seem to indicate that the iPhone 6c will more than likely be released closer to the end of the year – possibly in October or November. Recent reports by the China Times and Phonearena claim that an insider with iPhone manufacturer Foxconn recently received a shipment of 4-inch screens, and additional workers have been added to produce the iPhone 6c for its November release.

A photo put out by Chinese website MICgadget purportedly shows a leaked cardboard prototype case for the iPhone 6c. Apparently produced to ensure proper sizing before the case goes into production, the case shows the same camera and flash placement as on the  and the iPhone 6s. With production of the case reportedly scheduled to begin shortly, it would likely put the release date of the 6c around November, as well. It is unknown whether the prototype is authentic or not.iPhone 6c Rumors are Back

The iPhone 6c would be Apple’s second foray into the world of budget smartphones. The iPhone 5c was released in September of 2013 as a more budget-friendly alternative to the iPhone 5s, which was released on the same date. The 5c featured a slower processor than the 5s, as well as a polycarbonate casing as opposed to the 5s’ aluminum. The phone also lacked some of the features of the 5s, such as Touch ID and certain camera modes, but was substantially cheaper than its counterpart. The 6c is expected to follow the same route – it will reportedly feature similar internals and features as the iPhone 6 (slightly less impressive than the 6s) for a smaller price tag. However, the 6c will supposedly sport a colored aluminum case this time around, and will retain the smaller 4-inch form factor to appease customers who prefer smaller phones.

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