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iOS 11 Grand Master Reveals ‘New’ AirPods with Minimal Changes

iOS 11 Reveals New AirPods with Minimal Changes
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Over the weekend, the iOS 11 grand master (GM) unleashed a wealth of information about Apple’s upcoming devices, including some of the company’s new accessories.

One of those accessories happens to be the next-generation version of Apple’s wireless earbuds. Developer Steve Troughton-Smith dug into the iOS 11 GM and uncovered a render of what appears to be an updated version of AirPods, which you can see below. Troughton-Smith shared the render alongside other findings via Twitter on Saturday.

The render reveals something key about AirPods 2.0 — they haven’t changed much. Both the earbuds and the clamshell charging case remain a stark white color, and there are few if any design differences aside from one. Namely, the LED “status light” charging indicator has apparently been moved from inside of the charging case to the outer front.

Troughton-Smith also shared an animated render of the new AirPods, presumably sourced from the iOS 11 GM, too. The animation shows off the clamshell opening design of the charging case and the new placement of its LED indicator. Interestingly, the status light is blinking white — which Apple’s website says is an indication that the earbuds are ready to be paired. That could suggest that some of the existing LED signals will remain the same on the new AirPods.

Unfortunately, there’s little else that can be gleaned from a single render and a short animated clip. References to the accessory within the iOS 11 GM don’t reveal any details other than an in-house designation (AirPods 1,2). Similarly, until today, there haven’t been any rumors suggesting Apple would refresh its wireless earbuds so soon — so it’s impossible to say for sure what new features the company might add to its next iteration.

Of course, if Apple is indeed gearing up to unveil a new version of AirPods, we likely won’t have to wait long for its announcement. The company is expected to unveil its new lineup of devices tomorrow, Sept. 12. iDrop News will be covering the event live, so check back for the latest news and updates.

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