iMac Pro Rumored to Feature 8K Display, RAM Upgradable to 64GB

iMac Pro Concept

iMac Pro Concept via Kurt Merki Jr.

Apple has announced big plans for its desktop Mac lineup this year — but that announcement was fairly short on exact details. One blog, however, claims to know a bit more about Apple’s upcoming computers.

Specifically, Pike’s Universum cites a “usually pretty accurate” source who knows what to expect from the lineup. Despite that source’s track record, it’s worth noting that these are still rumors — so it’s smart to take these specs with a grain of salt until we hear more from Apple itself.

That source says that the new iMac will be available with an Intel E3-1285 v6 processor with 16 gigabytes of RAM — which is further upgradable to either 32 or 64 gigabytes. The iMac could feature faster SSDs and AMD-powered graphics to cater to professional and VR apps. Port-wise, the source expects the inclusion of Thunderbolt 3 and 2nd generation USB-C. The source also claims that the lineup will feature a “brand new keyboard” — which might back up rumors that Apple is exploring adding an OLED Touch Bar to its Magic Keyboard. One of those rumors comes from a recent Apple patent, which also seems to point to the development of a Touch Bar-equipped Magic Keyboard, which could be included with future desktop Mac platforms.

Additionally, Pike’s Universum’s source said that Apple is working on a display with 8K resolution for its next generation of Mac Pro. Other tidbits include that the next version of macOS won’t be named after a mountain or a park — and that two names are in the running. Finally, while details are still scarce on a Mac mini refresh, the source said that the top model wouldn’t “be so mini anymore.”

Apple’s desktop lineup is frankly overdue for a refresh — but the company hasn’t forgotten about its desktop computers. Last year, CEO Tim Cook promised that there were “great new desktops” in Apple’s future. And just last week, Phil Schiller, Apple’s VP of marketing announced that there was a “Pro” iMac, a high-end modular Mac Pro, and possibly a Mac mini refresh in the works for 2017.