Here’s What Apple’s Bluetooth EarPods Might Look Like

Here's What Apple's Bluetooth EarPods Might Look Like
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Will the iPhone 7 have a 3.5mm headphone jack? Or is it really gone forever? New evidence recently surfaced suggesting the headphone jack may not be eliminated as was previously thought. Either way, it’s clear that the headphone jack is aging rapidly and Bluetooth headphones are likely to replace wired headphones sooner rather than later. Because of this, Apple is sure to design its own Bluetooth EarPods in the foreseeable future.

Oscar Raymundo from Macworld recently wrote about two EarPods in particular he thinks might be similar to Apple’s official Bluetooth EarPods when they finally become available.

First up is the Apollo 7 earphones with Siri support. These iPhone-friendly Bluetooth headsets feature a button that allows users to either talk to Siri or to turn up the volume when listening to music. The earphones “are waterproof and have a battery life of up to four hours.” Imagine being able to swim while listening to music! When the battery runs out, the earphones can be charged using the included case.

Apollo 7 Earbuds

For those who who’d rather not own headphones that clash with their ensemble, these colored earphones will be available in hues matching iPhone’s body for the perfect pair. Perhaps the only downsides are the high price of $249, and the simple fact they aren’t available yet. Pick yours up when they begin shipping this June.

The second option is the Rowkin Mini earbud. With only one single device, it’s much more affordable starting at $59.99 on Amazon. Raymundo writes, “This stylish earphone also has a noise-cancelling mic, and it’s actually smaller than the Apollo 7’s.” The colors include: space grey, silver, and a 24k gold-plated edition for $10 more.


The disadvantage of the Rowkin Mini is the shorter battery life at just 1 hour. It does come with a portable charging case that has an external battery, making it possible to recharge the device on the go without having to plug into a wall outlet. “Another issue is that even though the Rowkin Mini is more comfortable to wear, you only get one of them. So stereo sound is not even an option at this point.”

Apple’s wireless EarPods are believed to have a built-in mic and have their own carrying case that will also double as a rechargeable battery. There is even a rumor suggesting that the EarPods will use “Hey Siri” controls, making it easier to utilize Apple’s personal digital assistant. Raymundo’s main hope is that the battery life will be better than an hour.

Regardless of what happens with the iPhone 7, Apple will provide a solution if they remove the standard headphone jack. Maybe it will be an adapter for the Lightning port or perhaps Apple will (hopefully) provide Bluetooth EarPods. The good news is that nearly all Bluetooth headsets will work with the iPhone 7, but it sure would be nice to have a pair free with the new iPhone.

 Do you hope Apple’s EarPods resemble these devices? Let us know in the comments. 

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