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Five iPhone 7 Concepts That Could Predict the Future – Part 2

Here Are Our Top 5 iPhone 7 Concept Designs - Part 2
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Apple enthusiasts are some of the most creative individuals out there. Many of them have taken their imagination into reality by creating their very own iPhone 7 concept designs. While the following concepts are fiction, find two very real new technologies Apple is working at the end of our list.

4. Antonio De Rossa

If you’ve used an Apple Watch before, you know the digital crown is definitely a cool new way to interact with a smart-device. Imagine what it would look like to combine the Apple Watch with the iPhone. That’s what Antonio De Rossa has done, offering a design that builds on the iPhone 6s and gets rid of the home button that we’ve seen since the beginning of the iPhone in favor of the digital crown on the Apple Watch. You can see the designers predict Apple will remove the iPhone’s iconic home button in favor of 3 sensors for various gestures. Check out our reviews of other rumors that claim the iPhone 7 lacking a Home Button, here.

This would certainly be an interesting design idea, but not totally out of left field. BlackBerry implemented a similar feature with a job wheel on the right side of its devices that was used to scroll through messages and content. This would also help remedy the fact that phones are becoming harder to use with one hand as they get bigger.

5. Hasan Kaymak

While the design from Marek Weidlich offered a display that curved slightly around the edge of the device, Hasam Kaymak’s design takes things to the next level.

On this device, notifications would show up on the side of the device, much like they do on the Samsung Edge series of smartphones.

This would certainly be an interesting design decision from Apple, and could open things up to a whole new level of device input, much like 3D Touch does on the iPhone 6s. Check out our previous article here reviewing the Digital Crown concept on an iPhone 7.

Apple Is Already Working On New Technology

Solar Power

iPhone 7 Could Run on Solar Power with Apple Patented Technology
It’s possible that Apple is thinking of making a Solar Powered iPhone 7. In July, we saw that Apple received a patent for a vehicle location identifier as well as a technology for custom map imagery. Apple was also granted a patent for solar panel technology, where solar cells would be concealed underneath touch-sensitive surfaces in order to help improve battery life and usage on Apple’s devices. The solar cells wouldn’t be limited to just the iPhone, either: sources hypothesize that Apple would also embed them in trackpads and keyboards. Although solar technology isn’t new, this patent has surfaced a lot of excitement among iPhone users.

Read up on what we think about a solar powered iPhone 7 in our previous article, here.

Vastly Updated RAM

Finally, we have our ever reliable and extremely accurate Apple predictor Ming-Chi Kuo. Kuo believes that Apple’s third-generation plus-sized iPhone handset will boast even more RAM than its predecessor. To be clear, Kuo states that 3GB of RAM will be embedded into the company’s next-generation “A10″ system on a chip. If Apple decides to stay consistent with its recent tradition, it’s likely that the next-generation iPhone will debut in September of 2016. 

This would also require Apple to update how much RAM comes on an iPhone. While Apple finally upped the RAM on an iPhone from 1GB to 2GB, however 3GB or even 4 would be nice. Check out our previous article about 3GB RAM chips here, where we explain in more detail what Apple could do.


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