Future iPhones Might Be Able to Sense a Fall and Protect Their Screens with Cat-Like Reflexes

Future iPhones Might Be Able to Sense a Fall and Protect Their Screens with Cat-Like Reflexes
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Drop your iPhone too much? It’s a sad truth, but Apple products are dropped often, usually resulting in fatal damage. There’s nothing worse than buying an amazing new smartphone only to accidentally break it right out of the box. The only recourse is replacing it or paying for the repairs. However, the future doesn’t look as depressing.

Apple is looking to help by adding new technology in their future devices, namely iPhones and iPads. Siliconbeat writer Ethan Baron uses cats to explain how a proposed design for future iPhones could help keep the screen from shattering when dropped.

As most people know, cats have the uncanny ability to land on their feet any time they fall from a significant height. Baron explains the new technology behind Apple’s patent simulates a cat’s reflexes while falling. “Smart phones with cover glass may be particularly vulnerable when the cover glass impacts the ground. They may be much less vulnerable if a metal or plastic portion of the housing of the smartphone impacts the ground first or instead.” The iPhone or iPad would fall on its back, like a cat would land on its feet, protecting the screen from damage.


“Apple inventors Fletcher Rothkopf, Colin Ely and Stephen Lynch proposed techniques including a sliding or spinning mass inside the phone to change the orientation of the device as it falls. They also suggest that a tiny canister inside the phone could blast out gas through external nozzles to change orientation, like thrusters on a spaceship, or even to provide a lunar-lander experience for the phone,” Baron reported. While some of these are ideas are a little extreme, the information shows the length the engineers are willing to go to save an iPhone from a fall.

This type of technology isn’t necessarily brand new. Many laptops have sensors that tell the computer when its falling, allowing it to quickly prepare the hard drive for the drop. It’s a technology which helps people tremendously, who can’t afford to lose their data due to physical damage.

Any new advancement regarding safety for technology is good, especially for the iPhone. Imagine being able to drop your precious device without worrying about cracking the screen. Maybe that would inspire people to ditch those pesky screen protectors.

Would you be hesitant to drop an iPhone with cat-like reflexes?
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[The information provided in this article has NOT been confirmed by Apple and may be speculation. Provided details may not be factual. Take all rumors, tech or otherwise, with a grain of salt.]

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