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iPhone 6s Will Be Here Before You Know It!

iphone 6S
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The rumors surrounding Apple’s iPhone 6 seemed to be quite the buzz long before its release, and the iPhone 6s is no exception. Expectations for another edition of the iPhone in 2015 are already quite high as sources speculate on possible design, spec, and release dates.

The difference between the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 7 is that the 6s is the next-generation of the 4.7 inch iPhone 6 that launched in September of 2014, and the iPhone 7 is the next generation of the 5.5 inch iPhone.

Release Date

It is most probable that the iPhone 6s will be released in September of this year. All of the previous models of iPhone’s have been released in September, and it is unlikely that Apple will break with tradition, but not impossible. The rumors surrounding release dates for the 6s is that it may debut in the spring alongside the Apple Watch. Sources claim that Apple is hesitant to release the Apple Watch without a new phone to go along with it. Reports also suggest that the iPhone 7 will be released in September, unless of course that phone launches in spring 2016.

As the release of the Apple Watch draws closer, a simultaneous phone release seems less and less likely. One major piece of evidence that contradicts a spring release date is that the Samsung A9 chip, heavily rumored to be included in the next generation handset, is yet to hit mass production. It seems more likely that the phone will follow Apple’s normal release schedule, and we will see the release in September of this year. Many say that the September release will also feature a 6s mini (or 6c), a marginally cheaper phone that will return to the 4-inch form factor of Apple’s previous phones.

iPhone 6s Design and Display

It is expected that Apple will stick with the 4.7 inch display for the iPhone 6’s successor as it seems to be popular with users so far. The design will probably not veer to far from the current iPhone 6 design. However, rumors suggest that the iPhone 6s display could wrap around the edges of the smartphone in a similar way to the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. Apple recently patented a “sidewall display” that extends on to the sides of the iPhone, which will provide an interactive portion for slide-to-unlock, music player controls, caller ID, and more.


The camera for the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 7 is supposed to be greatly improved.  Sources are stating that the iPhone 6S camera will represent the biggest camera jump in the history of the iPhone. Zoom capabilities and aperture are expected to improve with the new camera update.

Battery Life

The battery for the new iPhone 6s is meant to have an improvement for the charging methods including a wireless charger as well as a reversible USB charger.  This new reversible charger will come as a both a reversible USB charger and the already reversible Lightning connector. 

New Features

There have been several rumors circulating the web surrounding the new features that will be available on the 6s. Some of the more credible information we’ve received indicate a pretty solid speed and performance boost – the new phone may contain an upgraded processor, the A9 made by Samsung.

A boost in RAM is also likely, with the phone heading up to 2GB rather than the 1GB found in the iPhone 6. A new camera may be in the works, as well. Several credible reports state that Apple’s next phone will feature a dual-camera lens able to take DSLR-quality photos, perhaps with optical zoom capabilities and improved aperture. Respected blogger John Gruber has stated that the new camera will represent “the biggest camera jump in the history of the iPhone.”

The new iPhone is also rumored to come with two thin lines on the side that acts as sensors that can tell whether the iPhone is in your hand or in your pocket. For example, finger sensors instead of buttons on the side control how you turn the phone on and off.  Improvements to the Touch ID sensor are meant to improve as well, including a potential Touch ID that is built into the display. This would mean that the sensor could detect the user’s finger anywhere on the display or even multiple fingers at once.

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