Could Adobe and Apple Be Working Together to Build Apple Pencil 2?

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As creative and forward-thinking corporations, Apple and Adobe have collaborated on a number of projects together, including the successful port of several Adobe software titles over to the iOS platform, and the launch of the photoshop-giant’s Creative Cloud Photography suite for Apple users. And while the firms have yet to announce any form of hardware product — such that could allow their technologies to synergize like never before — it’s not unreasonable to think they could, one day down the road.

Dropping Hints

In a sign that something is brewing behind closed doors, Apple’s Senior Vice President of worldwide marketing, Phil Schiller, made a surprise appearance at Adobe’s annual MAX conference (2018) on Monday, where he took the stage and lauded the company’s upcoming Photoshop CC for iPad while hinting at even bigger collaborations between them on future iPad Pro technologies.

“At Apple, we care deeply about the evolution of the iPad into increasingly a tool that is essential to a creative workflow,” Schiller said on stage. “That’s why over the last few years we’ve been creating the iPad Pro line and we’ve been building unique technologies like our A-Series chips, special versions of that with the CPU and GPU performance for professionals.”

Notably, Schiller stated that “Adobe has understood the potential of the iPad Pro,” and that the companies have been actively “working together on some really amazing technology.” 

Could Apple and Adobe Be Developing Hardware for iPad Pro?

As of right now, there’s no telling what Schiller’s comments could be alluding to, as the SVP didn’t delve into what this “really amazing technology” entails — however he did, in the end, note that [whatever it is] will only represent “the beginnings” of what Apple and Adobe can produce.

This comment alone would excite any iPad Pro fan with a creative penchant, but it’s still unclear what exactly we could be looking at. 

While there’s currently nothing in the rumor mill to suggest it’ll be the case, Apple and Adobe could possibly be working on one or more hardware utensils (a la Apple Pencil 2, or something completely different) that would allow Photoshop users to interact and engage with the apps on iPad Pro like never before.

Apple Ipad Pro Concept
Álvaro Pabesio

PC accessory and peripheral-maker, Logitech, followed a similar strategy earlier this year when announcing its $49 Logitech Crayon — a stylus device with special features built exclusively for iPad and education users.

And while the Crayon isn’t quite as advanced as Apple Pencil, it’s nonetheless an Apple-endorsed third-party accessory — something the Cupertino company could easily be working on with Adobe, too.

And the timing seems ripe, not to mention, with Adobe’s upcoming professional-grade Photoshop CC for iPad expected to drop sometime in 2019. The full-featured photoshop app will officially bring all the same tools available in Adobe’s Mac and Windows apps to Apple’s touchscreen Retina display.

Ultimately, only time will tell what’s actually being developed — but given the technological, financial and creative horsepower backing it, we’re confident that [whatever it is] will be awesome.


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