Apple’s Working on Flexible Ceramic Shield Displays for the Foldable iPhone

Foldable iPhone Concept Credit: ConceptsiPhone
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It’s been rumored for a while that Apple may be working on a foldable iPhone. Now, a new report from noted Apple leakster Jon Prosser suggests that the company is moving beyond hinged devices and looking at a new type of foldable Ceramic Shield glass for its folding iPhones.

This latest information on Apple’s foldable phone comes from a new Front Page Tech video released this week by Prosser. Prosser claims that Apple has been working on two different prototypes. One uses hinges much like the Galaxy Z Fold, and the other flips much like the Galaxy Z Flip.

Now, according to Prosser, the company is testing a new foldable display material. Instead of using two different displays, this unique ceramic shield glass material would actually fold.

As noted by iMore, well-known display analyst Ross Young said he wasn’t surprised that Apple would be working with Corning and added that it would be “interesting” to see how the two companies pull this off.

Apple already uses Corning Ceramic Shield technology in its existing iPhone 12 lineup but plans to make it malleable.

@jon_prosser reported that Apple is working on a foldable version of a chemically strengthened ceramic shield. Samsung’s foldable already use chemically strengthened glass from SCHOTT. It will be interesting to see how thin ceramic shield glass can be made.

The thickness will determine the foldable radius. Thicker glass can be used with the seam laser processed (see LPKF), but it currently changes the appearance of the glass. Apple/Corning working on foldable glass isn’t a surprise, but the use of ceramic shield is a good update.

Ross Young

Prosser notes that this display technology and these foldable phones are in the very early stages of prototyping. A lot can change between now and when the foldable iPhone is finally released.

According to a rumor from Digitimes, Apple may be looking to release its folding iPhone sometime in 2022.

[The information provided in this article has NOT been confirmed by Apple and may be speculation. Provided details may not be factual. Take all rumors, tech or otherwise, with a grain of salt.]

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