Apple’s TV Subscription Service Delayed AGAIN

Apple's TV Subscription Service Delayed AGAIN
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Apple’s September 9th event is drawing closer, and expectations are high. Excitement has been building for quite some time surrounding the launch of a new Apple TV device, complete with a faster processor, new remote, and an app store with third-party app support. The device, which was originally planned to launch at the annual WWDC in June, has been a hot topic of conversation for much of the year.

While it’s looking more and more likely the new Apple TV will be revealed at the September 9th event, it appears to be unlikely that we will hear about the new device’s most anticipated feature – support for Apple’s subscription television service.

Apple TV concept courtesy of
Apple TV concept courtesy of Martin Hajek

A recent report from Bloomberg Business claims that Apple’s live streaming TV service will be put on hold until 2016. The service looks to offer customers an alternative option to traditional cable or satellite services, providing a “skinny bundle” of television’s most desirable channels for a low price of $30-$40. The channels would stream over the web, and would be available on the majority of Apple’s internet-enabled devices, including the new Apple TV devices.

The service was, once again, expected to be unveiled alongside the new Apple TV device, but it appears as if negotiations between Apple and TV networks are at a stand-still regarding compensation for the streaming content. According to Bloomberg Business, content providers are looking to “receive more, not less, money from new Internet-based services like Apple than from existing cable and satellite TV partners, because they’re new to the market and are seeking to gain share.”

Their sources claimed that negotiations with Comcast Corp., who owns networks like CBS, NBC, and Fox “have been mired in the past several months,” as Apple attempts to put together the perfect bundle of content together for an affordable price.


Another concern for Apple is the massive amount of bandwidth such a service would command. Apple is reportedly looking to beef up their networking capabilities in order to provide error-free streaming service to customers of Apple Music and, eventually, their TV subscribers.

While the September 9th event provides much for Apple users to look forward to besides the new Apple TV hardware – the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will debut along with several new iPad models – those eagerly awaiting Apple’s TV service will have to wait just a bit longer.


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