Apple’s Next-Gen iPod touch and USB-C iPhones Are Expected This Year

Ipod Touch Concept Image Credit: AppleiDesigner / Twitter
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While iPhone is arguably among Apple’s most innovative, revolutionary and best-selling products of all-time, the gadget’s cellular-devoid sibling (more formally referred to as the iPod touch) offers a remarkably similar user experience for those who either don’t need cellular voice and LTE data, or simply want to have a useful back-up iOS device around the house..

The only limitation, seeing as the current iPod touch (6th generation) was released nearly four years ago, is that its hardware [which includes Apple’s A8 SoC and an 8 MP camera] is rather outdated in comparison to current iPhone flagship specs.

However, a new report put out this week by Japanese technology blog, Macotokara, suggests that a refreshed iPod touch (7th-generation) might be in development, with an expected release this year.

“I heard from several suppliers of Apple who are listing in CES2019 that Apple might be developing iPod touch (7th generation) that takes over iPod touch (6th generation),” Macotokara’s sources noted.

The report stopped short of providing any additional information about a possible design or feature upgrades — and it’s definitely worth pointing out this is the first we’re even hearing of a looming update for Apple’s Wi-Fi-only touchscreen iPod.

Still, the source pointed out that iPod touch (6th-gen) is currently the cheapest way to access Apple’s vast and feature-rich, touch-based iOS ecosystem. And so it very well may be, although it’s certainly not guaranteed yet, that the company ends-up bringing its iPod touch back with a whole new spate of updated features, specs and a similar design — much like it’s allegedly planning for later on this year with its rumored update to the years-old iPad mini.

2019 iPhones with USB-C

Macotokara, who’s built a fairly solid record of accurately predicting Apple’s future product plans, also went on to cite sources indicating that 2019’s iPhone models [may or may not] feature USB-C connectivity, noting that while Apple has a team working on the feature, it “has not reached reference step” yet; and so whether Lightning or USB-C is used, hasn’t officially been decided.

As far as the possibility of an iPod touch (7th-gen): well, it’s certainly a possibility, and especially considering the breathing room Apple has for incorporating new features, improvements and updated components at a marginal difference in cost… But, does a faster, thinner and shinier iPod touch even belong in a world where Apple’s consistently selling ~200 million iPhone models each year? Ultimately, only time will tell.

Apple currently sells its iPod touch (6th generation) in a variety of colors including Pink, Blue, Gold, Silver, Space Gray and Product(RED) with 32 GB (for $199) or 128 GB (for $299).

[The information provided in this article has NOT been confirmed by Apple and may be speculation. Provided details may not be factual. Take all rumors, tech or otherwise, with a grain of salt.]

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