Apple’s iPhone 12 Will Get a Radically New Look

iPhone 12 Concept Credit: Jonas Daehnert
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Apple may be shrinking the notch on its next-generation iPhone, according to images leaked on Twitter by Jon Prosser. These images appear to be schematics of the iPhone 12 and depict a notch that is smaller than the one on the iPhone 11 and other late-model iPhones.

The first image is a CAD illustration, while the second appears to be a closeup drawing of the notch area with each component labeled on the image. These images are likely authentic and may have been leaked from suppliers and manufacturers that use the detailed schematics in the production process.

The leaked images show a redesigned hardware layout that allows Apple to shrink the notch in a noticeable way. Instead of leaving the speaker in the notch, Apple moved the speaker up into the bezel right above the ambient light and proximity sensor.

Missing from this area is a microphone, which Prosser says is still present, but not labeled in these images. The microphone will sit next to the speaker, says Prosser.

These schematics from Prosser corroborate earlier rumors that claimed Apple was shrinking the notch. Among the first to suggest a smaller notch was Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. According to Kuo’s sources, Apple planned to shrink the notch on at least one iPhone model in 2020. The company reportedly was using a smaller front camera lens to save on space.

Earlier this month, a set of images depicted an iPhone 12 with a notch that is 1/3 smaller than the existing notch. These images did not detail the hardware configuration or any changes Apple planned to minimize this region. More recently, Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman also claimed that his sources suggested Apple was developing an iPhone with a slimmer notch.

Down the line, Apple is working to eliminate the notch entirely. Apple reportedly will phase out the housing for its TrueDepth camera over time. Apple also may remove FaceID opting for a full-screen fingerprint scanner and an under-the-display front-facing camera.

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