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Apple’s iCar: The Cusp of a Remarkable Era

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First, Apple reinvented music with the iPod, then phone’s with the iPhone, now they are focusing on the iWatch and possibly the iCar. Apparently, Apple has been secretly working on designing their own car and has been pushing their workers to be ready for production as early as 2020. The new project for the iCar has been officially dubbed “Titan” by Apple CEO, Tim Cook.
Sources speculate that Apple may be in a hurry in order to compete with Tesla and General Motors Co., which plan on a release of an electric vehicle by 2017. Apple will probably reinvent the development cycles of the car and put more of a priority on creating technologies that will break through automotive norms.

The main goal that Steve Jobs emphasized was making products easier to use and delivering a better user experience. Historically, Apple takes products that already exists and makes them easy to use and appealing to a broad audience. Apple may be interested in doing the same thing for the automotive industry. Apple has the potential to create a whole in-car experience that ranges from navigation, communication, voice search, and media. Apple can revolutionize most of the car features via the car dashboard. This would enable Apple to use Siri for audio/video communication as well as safety features that can be integrated into the car itself.

Apple has a reputation for making devices that work great and look amazing. Hopefully, we’ll hear more about the iCar in the coming months that will separate it from their competition.


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