Apple’s Close to Announcing a New Apple TV 4K with A12X, 2x Storage

And even a brand-new Kids Mode.
Apple TV Credit: Hadrian / Shutterstock
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Apple’s rumored upcoming Apple TV may land soon, claims prolific Apple leaker Jon Prosser in a recent tweet.

According to Prosser, the units are ready to ship and are simply waiting for Apple to make the product official.

A12X Processor

Codenamed Neptune T1125, the new Apple TV may ship with an A12X processor, says Prosser.

This processor is the same one Apple used in its 2018 iPad lineup, which includes the first-generation 11-inch iPad Pro and the third generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

The existing Apple TV 4K uses the older A10X Processor, which is capable of 4K HDR playback but isn’t ideal when it comes to gaming.

This upgraded A12X processor should give the Apple TV a boost in performance, especially for processor-intensive Apple Arcade games.

Double the Storage

As previously rumored, the Apple TV 6 likely will ship with double the storage space as the existing Apple TV 4K.

According to Processor, the new Apple TV will feature 64GB or 128GB of onboard storage. This extra space will benefit gamers who could use this space to download and store games.

Kids Mode

Though not mentioned in this specific rumor, earlier reports suggest Apple may be adding advanced parental controls to the Apple TV.

A new Kids Mode feature will prevent kids from accessing inappropriate content. It also will enable a kid-friendly interface that’ll make it easy for kids to find content that is suitable for their age.

It’s not clear, though, how Apple will keep the child and adult profiles separate so the kids can’t access their parent’s account.

Kids Mode also will include a screen time feature that’ll let parents monitor how much time their kids are spending while watching TV or playing games.

Screen Time on the Apple TV supposedly will work just like Screen Time on the iPhone and iPad. It tracks daily usage and breaks down the time you spend on different apps.

[The information provided in this article has NOT been confirmed by Apple and may be speculation. Provided details may not be factual. Take all rumors, tech or otherwise, with a grain of salt.]

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