Apple’s AirPower Wireless Charging Mat Won’t Cost $274

Apple Surprises Everyone with 'AirPower' Wireless Charging Mat Credit: Apple
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During its September 12 event, Apple’s SVP of Worldwide Marketing, Phil Schiller, briefly showcased his company’s all-new wireless charging solution dubbed AirPower. It’s the first Qi-based charging pad designed to power up to three compatible devices at the same time, utilizing a proprietary technology which Apple created specifically for it.

AirPower is by all means a revolutionary device, and though it seemingly implements an existing technology in extraordinary ways, given that it’s built by Apple, buyers shouldn’t expect it to come cheap.

How Much Will AirPower Cost?

Apple has been scant with details regarding AirPower’s official retail price. However, in ThinkApple’s latest post featuring the AirPower wireless charging pad, the publication noted that a small Polish electronics retailer called X-Com currently has a listing for AirPower, which it’s offering for pre-order at 999 PLN (or the rough equivalent of $274).

Now, AirPower may very well be a game-changing wireless charging pad, however we’d find it very, very hard to believe that Apple would try to pitch the accessory for $274.

Realistically, given the technology and capabilities that AirPower brings to the table, we might expect it to retail here in the U.S. for somewhere within the $140 to $200 range (at the very most) — which is not unreasonable, when you think about AirPower’s capabilities in comparison to the current slate of Qi-based solutions.

Cheaper Alternatives

Apple currently offers a small selection of high-priced, third-party wireless charging pads, both of which cost a whopping $59.95. But if you’re ready to start wirelessly charging your iPhone 8, 8 Plus, or X for even less money, there are more affordable options available elsewhere.

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