Apple’s 16″ MacBook Pro Is Being Produced Now (and May Launch This Week)

Macbook Pro 16 Concept Credit: EverythingApplePro
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Apple’s rumored 16-inch MacBook Pro refresh is likely still coming, and as early as this week.

New reports out of Apple’s supply chain in Asia suggest that production of the new notebook is currently underway. That could suggest a release date sooner than later.

Updated 16″ MacBook Information

The report, published by Forbes, cites supply chain checks carried out by IDC analyst Jitesh Ubrani.

In an email to the publication, Ubrani said that his firm is beginning to see “early signs” of the 16-inch MacBook Pro specifically within Apple’s supply chain in the region.

“We were expecting an announcement in October,” the analyst wrote, adding that the debut didn’t come to fruition. Because of that, he added that “the timing of this is still uncertain.”

Forbes contributor Brooke Crothers, who penned the report, heard similar tidbits in Asia.

“A source in Asia who talks to the Apple supply chain told me over the weekend that the 16-inch (MacBook Pro) is in production but the release date is unclear,” Crothers wrote.

That would line up with a recent DigiTimes report from late last month indicating that Apple has actually been receiving shipments of the upcoming notebook this quarter.

16″ MacBook Pro Features

The rumored 16-inch MacBook Pro is likely one of Apple’s most highly anticipated pending products in recent months, particularly among the Mac and professional community.

According to the latest data, the device is expected to feature slimmer bezels that will allow for a 16-inch display to fit into the same footprint as current 15.4-inch MacBook Pro models.

Among other notable changes is a switch to a scissor-based keyboard mechanism, presumably as a way for the computer to avoid the problems associated with Apple’s butterfly keyboards.

In most recent reports and software leaks, there are some signs that Apple could make the Touch ID sensor separate from the Touch Bar and add in a physical ESC key.

Other than those features, we don’t know too much else about the device or its internals. Pricing is similarly unknown, but users should expect a price tag higher than the $2,799 15-inch MacBook Pro.

16″ MacBook Pro Release Date

Most Apple watchers agreed that an October keynote was the most likely place for the Cupertino tech giant to unveil a MacBook Pro refresh this year. But October is now behind us and there’s still no sign of the 16-inch model.

Current reports are split between a release date sometime this year or a debut in the first half of next year.

If Apple does unveil the new MacBook Pro this year, it could do so via press release or private media briefings.

There’s a precedent for Mac media briefings in December. In fact, 9to5Mac has been hearing reports and rumors of possible New York City press briefings that could happen as soon as this week.

To be clear, that doesn’t automatically confirm that Apple could announce the 16-inch MacBook Pro this week.

It’s likely that the press briefings will be related to the new Mac Pro (which is, according to Apple, still coming “this fall”). But there’s a chance that the 16-inch MacBook Pro could also make an appearance at the event alongside the Mac Pro.

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