Apple Watch Series 3 Rumored for Fall 2017 Debut

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Since its inaugural debut in April 2015, the Apple Watch has been manufactured exclusively by Apple’s long-time Mac assembly partner, Quanta Computer. And so, given the companies’ successful history working together, a new report published Tuesday by the Chinese-language Economic Daily News (via DigiTimes) suggests that Apple will yet again commission Quanta to be the primary manufacturer of its upcoming wearable (likely to be dubbed the Apple Watch Series 3), which the report goes on to claim will enter production sometime during the second-half of this year ahead of a September, 2017 debut.

Apple Watch Series 3

Rumors about the Apple Watch Series 3 have been trickling in for months now, with some suggesting that the device could feature a so-called modular design, whereby users could apply a variety of different accessories to the Watch’s band for maximum optimization to meet their needs. Additionally, the next-generation Apple Watch has been rumored to boast an all-new Micro-OLED display technology, advanced health and diagnostic capabilities, and an overall bump in CPU speed, battery life, and upgraded internal components which would even include LTE connectivity. Of course, these rumors are all preliminary until proven otherwise, so we highly recommend taking them with a grain of salt until further notice.

Success for Apple Watch Suppliers

The EDN report likewise alludes to an overall optimism concerning Quanta’s anticipated revenue performance this year, which is expected to be fueled by not only the Apple Watch Series 3, but also the Taiwanese manufacturer’s role in supplying other products including notebook computers and servers.

“Quanta Computer is expected to enjoy a strong second-half 2017 thanks to rising demand for notebooks, growing server sales and the release of the next-generation Apple Watch,” the report says, while adding that “Apple is reportedly planning to launch its third-generation Apple Watch in 2017 and the wearable is likely to help Quanta’s Apple Watch product line turn profitable.”

Interestingly, the EDN report goes on to suggest that while Quanta is slated to fulfill the bulk of next-generation Apple Watch orders, the Cupertino-company might also call upon Compal Electronics as a secondary Apple Watch supplier this year — however the manufacturer won’t be fulfilling any Apple Watch Series 3 orders, but will instead focus on older models such as the Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 2. “Although Compal Electronics reportedly has joined the supply chain of the Apple Watch, the market watchers believe Apple is likely to let Compal mainly handle older-generation models,” the report added.

To date, the majority of rumors concerning Apple’s product launch plans for this fall have focused around the high-end iPhone 8 flagship and, to a lesser extent, its iPhone 7s and 7s Plus subordinates. However the EDN report echoes previous rumors that Apple will launch a revamped Apple Watch this fall, perhaps even alongside the iPhone devices at a special media event this September. Such a move, of course, would not be out of the ordinary. Apple made a similar move last year when it unveiled the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and the Apple Watch Series 2 at a media event in early September.


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