Apple to Drop 16GB Storage Option for iPhone 6S?

Apple to Drop 16GB Storage Option for iPhone 6S?

Apple may be looking to address one of the more common complaints from iPhone users in the next handset release – lack of storage. The cheapest model of the iPhone comes with only 16GB of storage, which can be quickly filled by a user who downloads several new apps, or uses his/her camera extensively.

The release of iOS 8 intensified these complaints, as many users were unable to download the iOS update due to lack of storage on their phones. However, a new report claims that Apple will be getting rid of the 16GB model for the release of the iPhone 6S, opting instead for a 32GB model as their entry-level phone.

Chinese lifestyle blog MICGadget has reported that the iPhone 6S will be available in 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB models. The report states that “insiders” at a Foxconn facility stated that there is no packaging for a 16GB model. The report states “we want to say goodbye to the 16GB iPhone”, and follows with “[we] can’t tell you from what Foxconn’s department we received information, but we can only say that the packaging of the new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus don’t have sticker with ’16GB capacity’, but 32, 64, 128”.

072015-NO16GB6S-26S Concept Art by Martin Hajek – Some Speculate That a Smaller iPhone 6C
Will Be Released With a 16GB Storage Option

This report runs contrary to what many other media outlets have previously reported. In fact, internal production models have been spotted with 16GB flash storage chips in leaks across the web. That’s not to say that the rumor isn’t true, however – many companies will use smaller storage chips for testing in production models.

Although Apple has stated that they’re not placing a large focus on increasing storage, as more and more users are beginning to rely on cloud services, it probably is about time for Apple to increase the storage on their base model phones. With so many hardware advancements in the 6S, it would seem a bit archaic to offer the same storage as was offered on the original iPhone 4. With a 32GB base model, users purchasing the entry-level handsets won’t have to worry as much about their photo, video, app, and music storage.

The rumors should be put to rest this September, when Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. The phones will support Force Touch technology, and contain a 12MP rear-facing camera, as well as a faster processor, increased RAM, and a host of other upgrades.