Apple Rumored To Push Beats on Every iPhone


Apple is already starting to make adjustments since it’s acquisition of Beats Music earlier this year. There have been rumors about Apple planning to bundle the music subscription next year, making Beats music instantly available on hundreds of millions of iOS products. This means you will find the app pre- installed when you purchase a new iPad, iPhone, of iPod touch.

Apple paused $3 billion for Beat’s headphones and music app business in May to try to re-establish its leadership in music. We suspect that the launch may coincide with the release of its iOS operating system, possibly iOS 8.2. The inclusion of paid-for Beats service in iOS could happen as early as March 2015.

This new Beats installation will put more pressure on Spotify, the leader in music streaming. Spotify has struck deals to bundle its app with handset makers such as HTC and Sprint, but non cane match Apple’s customer base. This will also be Apple’s first big push into subscription music at a time when iTunes downloads are in decline. It is speculated that Apple

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