iPhone with Massive 6.46-inch Display Rumored for 2018

iPhone X Plus 2018 Credit: Mobile Syrup
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Apple’s all-new iPhone X is still weeks away from officially being available for pre-order, and already, a new report out of South Korea is claiming that Apple has much, much bigger plans for its iPhone models in 2018.

The report, which was published Monday morning by South Korea’s The Investor, specifically cites local component suppliers who say that Apple has been examining two new OLED screen sizes, including a massive 6.46-inch LED-based display, for its next installment of iPhone devices.

Earlier reports had suggested that the Silicon Valley tech-giant was working with Samsung Display Co. to develop two new display sizes for its 2018 iPhone models — including 5.28- and 5.85-inch OLED panels. However, today’s report, which cites “local parts makers” in the Far East, claims that Apple has since suspended development of the smaller, 5.28-inch display, and has instead opted for a considerably larger, 6-inch+ OLED panel, in addition to the much, much larger 6.46-inch display that will allegedly be built on Apple’s current LED technology.

While it should certainly be nice to see iPhones featuring much larger, more interactive and immersive displays for enjoying our digital content, the report goes on to claim that Apple’s shift towards larger displays has created “changes” in its well-established supply chain, and especially so among manufacturers of the company’s ubiquitous 4.7- and 5.5-inch iPhone LCD panels.

Nevertheless, Apple’s shift towards developing much larger displays is a clear and decisive response to the growing popularity of large smartphones like Samsung’s Galaxy S8, S8+, and all-new Note 8 devices, which boast massive 5.8-, 6,2-, and 6.3-inch AMOLED displays, respectively. The iPhone X, meanwhile, will feature a 5.8-inch Samsung-built ‘Super Retina’ AMOLED display this year, while Cupertino and its South Korean counterpart have supposedly inked a deal under which the latter would handle the bulk of Apple’s future display development.

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