Apple Music Is Coming to Android Auto with New iOS 12 Features

Apple Music Android Auto Credit: Ford
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Apple may be adding support for Android’s CarPlay competitor in a new version of Apple Music.

The latest beta version of the Apple Music app for Android (2.6.0) has added Android Auto support for the first time, as spotted by Android Police.

That suggests Apple is testing out Android Auto integration before rolling it out more broadly.

To be clear, the support won’t be as robust as Apple Music’s integration with CarPlay. But it will offer Android Apple Music users with a more convenient and safer way to listen to music while driving.

Reportedly, users will be able to listen to Apple Music songs through an Android Auto-equipped infotainment system. That playback will be controllable through said infotainment system, though with a sparser experience than the Apple Music app itself.

While most infotainment systems that support CarPlay also support Android Auto, integration of the latter system will allow for Android users to get a step closer to the same Apple Music experience as iPhone owners. That might be important for Apple Music’s continued growth in the face of competitors like Spotify.

While an Android version of the proprietary streaming platform has almost always been available, it’s safe to say that the app has never integrated fully with the Android ecosystem.

New Apple Music Features for Android

The new version of Apple Music for Android will also add several other features that are coming to the iOS 12 version of the app. That includes:

  • The ability to search for songs by their lyrics.
  • New Artist Pages that will let users quickly start up a personalized station.
  • A Friends Mix that will play songs you might like that your friends are listening to.
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements.

How to Get It

Android Auto support is currently available for private beta testers. Interested users can request access to the beta by applying at Google Groups.

Once accepted, version 2.6.0 can be downloaded from the dedicated Google Play Store beta page.

Of course, Android being Android, the beta has also been posted online so users can download it without the need to enroll in private testing. That being said, we don’t recommend downloading or installing random software from non-vetted sources.

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