Apple May Be Showing off Its New Mac Pro This Week

2019 Apple Mac Pro Credit: Marques Brownlee / YouTube
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Back in June Apple unveiled an insanely powerful new Mac Pro with a return to the modular design that many users had been waiting for. At the time, however, the company had little to say about when it would be available beyond “later this year” and with the clock running out on 2019, many are understandably wondering when we’ll actually see the new powerful new high-end Mac go on sale.

Some had expected Apple to hold an event in October in order to launch the new Mac Pro, alongside a new 16-inch MacBook Pro and other products like AirPods Pro, but while that didn’t happen, Apple still managed to release AirPods Pro to considerable fanfare.

As much as we’d like to find one under our tree this Christmas, however, the Mac Pro isn’t exactly a highlight for the holiday season, meaning Apple isn’t really in a hurry to release it in time to make it onto people’s holiday shopping lists. Instead, we suspect it will follow the same trend as Apple’s last “Pro” desktop Mac.

The last year that Apple skipped holding a fall event was 2017, and it seems like it’s no coincidence that this was the year the iMac Pro debuted, with Apple showing it off at the June Worldwide Developers Conference, and then holding a series of private media briefings in New York City in mid-December.

With the Mac Pro, however, Apple is still saying it will hit before the end of 2019, which means the company should be ready to start showing it off by now, and this week might be the perfect time to do so. As 9to5Mac points out, today marks the start of the annual Final Cut Pro X Creative Summit, an event which draws serious professional pro video users from all around the world to explore and share the latest tips and tricks and techniques for using Apple’s video production software suite.

The summit itself is run by a third party, but Apple actively participates in it, and not only are attendees being offered a “field trip” to the Apple Park visitor center, but there’s also the titillating promise of “some surprises from the Apple product team.”

Not only does this sound like a perfect place for Apple to show off what the Mac Pro can bring to the table for video production, but it also wouldn’t be the first time it’s done something like this. Back in 2017, Apple showed off the iMac Pro to attendees ahead of its release, along with the space gray pro accessories, long before it even invited the media to see the new system.

While it’s unlikely that Apple would make a formal product announcement of the new Mac Pro at the event — there’s no Apple Keynote here like there is at WWDC — it could definitely give Final Cut Pro enthusiasts hands-on time to showcase what the new powerhouse Mac Pro can do for them, which should also help to whet their appetites for the new platform.

Actual availability and pricing information would be more likely to come via press release, which may or may not be tied to this particular event. Since Apple already unveiled the Mac Pro back in June, there aren’t a lot of secrets about it, so the company wouldn’t necessarily be expected to make any kind of announcement just because they’re showing it off again to a relatively closed audience. Still, if the Mac Pro does indeed make an appearance this week, it’s a pretty good indicator that it will in fact be arriving sooner rather than later.

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