Apple Is Reported to Be Secretly Working on the Apple Watch 2

Apple Is Reported to Be Secretly Working on the Apple Watch 2
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Apple’s first foray into the world of wearables is just getting started.

The Apple Watch debuted this past April, and as early-adopters are still getting used to watchOS, the brand new operating system for the device, there’s already talk surrounding a second generation model. According to a recent report on a Chinese media site, Quanta Computer, manufacturers of the first generation Apple Watch are preparing to debut the second generation of the wearable by the second quarter of 2016.

The report points to recent statements made by Barry Lam, chairman of Quanta Computer, during an investor meeting in France. While Lam reportedly held back any specific details regarding the Apple Watch 2, the report mentioned that Lam referred to “fully upgraded hardware and software” for the device. Analysts and media outlets around the web have speculated that the second generation will likely feature more processing power, better battery life, and will function more independently from the iPhone.

The report mentioned that the Apple Watch 2 will likely launch late in the second quarter of 2016, and that shipments will begin soon after. While the first generation Apple Watch has dominated wearable sales since it was released, with over 7 million units sold in the first six months of availability, Lam agrees with other analysts that the Apple Watch 2 will be even more popular than its predecessor.

Abhey Lamba, an analyst with Mizuho Securities, recently released a research report that pointed to an increased adoption rate for the second generation wearable. “Given that this is a nascent category, we think vendors such as Apple will require multiple iterations of the product to realize momentum in consumer adoption.” It’s possible that many consumers interested in the smart watch may be a bit hesitant to buy the first generation model, giving Apple some time to work out the kinks.

The Apple Watch was first introduced in September of 2014, but sales didn’t begin until April of this year. The Watch has so far seen an OS update, as well as a number of new color options for the Apple Watch Sport, as well as a host of new bands. Apple has yet to comment on the statements made by Quanta Computer.


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