Apple Is Redesigning the Budget iPad

iPad Concept Image 2021 Credit: AppleyPro / Twitter
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The iPad lineup has mostly been redesigned – in 2018 it was the iPad Pro, in 2020 it was the iPad Air, and most recently the cute iPad mini. The only iPad that is still using the old design language is the budget 10.2″ iPad. Apple will soon be redesigning this iPad and bringing a different flavor.

The iPad returned in 2016 as a budget option mainly for students and the education market. This iPad has since had only one minor design change which occurred in 2019 when it received the 10.2” screen.

In 2021 with the 9th generation iPad, it was expected that the iPad was going to receive a 10.5” display and a thinner and lighter redesign – and Apple was to drop the price by $30 to $299 and become even cheaper for education at $249. Apple didn’t do this in 2021 – instead, the iPad 9 came with the same 10.2” display and all models (just like the 2020 iPhone SE) now have black faces to match the rest of the product lineup. That is all about to change.

Apple is giving the iPad 10th Generation a full redesign and will finally give this iPad the much-needed modern amenities it has been lacking.

Let’s begin with the design. The iconic Touch ID button will be moved to the power button like on the iPad Air and iPad mini.

There will be much-needed improvements for its speakers, as well.

Apple will also give us a bigger display which the prototype units have at 10.5″.

With this redesign, some prototypes were tested that kept the Home button, according to the people familiar with the matter. However, I don’t think Apple will keep the Home button on this iPad due to almost all models having dropped it already.

The prototype units also have fresh colors like the iMac, AirPods Max, iPad Air, and the new HomePod mini.

According to our sources, “this will be finally a good package and will still be positioned cheaper than the iPad mini that was recently released in 2021.”

It is said Apple will be giving us a full laminated display.

This new design will receive USB-C and will likely remove the headphone jack to match the rest of the lineup – according to sources, “The new budget iPad design prototypes do not have the headphone jack. Some did have the headphone jack, but it was likely thrown out.”

The performance will likely be jaw-dropping. This newly redesigned budget iPad is expected to have the A14 or possibly A15 chip inside, which will make it more powerful than most PC notebooks. Apple’s Mac processor, M1, is based on the A14 chip and is currently at the top of the game.

Apple’s target with this new iPad is the consumer and education market. This device will also be good for the average consumer who doesn’t need the iPad Pro, since this new budget iPad will have the A14 or higher chip making it more powerful than most PC laptops.

This iPad will gain plenty of new functionality making it a great deal, with rumors of a price cut even with this new design, rather than a price hike. Even if this iPad saw a price hike, it would still be cheaper than the redesigned iPad mini.

Will you order the new budget iPad?

[The information provided in this article has NOT been confirmed by Apple and may be speculation. Provided details may not be factual. Take all rumors, tech or otherwise, with a grain of salt.]

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